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Great sound never looked so good

Dual hearing aids provide a full inventory of high-end hearing benefits in a small stylish design. It's small, sleek style is just what people want to wear - and particularly helps new hearing aid users overcome resistance to using hearing aids. The breakthrough performance and sound quality exceeds the expectations of experienced users and gives them the performance they need in a design they want.

The perfect combination of appealing design and best performance

Dual out performs older hearing aids and provides new hearing aid wearers a hearing aid they actually want to wear with these advantages:

•  Fantastic sound quality with Spatial Sound 

•  Small and appealing with attractive design

•  Natural sound quality and feel due to "open fit" technology

•  Simple to use with no controls

•  Wireless connectivity to cell phones, MP3 players, TV, etc.

A beauty on the outside

Dual's lightweight, slim design is cosmetically appealing and hides discretely behind the outer ear so it is virtually unnoticeable.  The open ear fit contributes to the natural feel, wearing comfort and superior sound quality of the Dual.

Oticon Dual Hearing Aids

A sensation on the inside

Dual hearing aids are designed to allow you to hear better in complex listening situations and deliver a more natural listening experience thanks to its advanced digital sound processing and Spatial Sound technology. A pair of Dual hearing aids with Spatial Sound are able to communicate wirelessly with one another which preserves location and direction of sounds. The sound picture they present to your brain is what it needs to processes multi-directional sound and help you hear better. 

This content was last reviewed on: May 15th, 2014

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