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Expanding on the Potential of BluetoothTM Connectivity

Oticon's ConnectLine is one of them most complete and easiest to use connectivity systems available today. 

The ConnectLine allows you to connect to devices that are a part of everyday life. With a simiple push of a button you can connect to TV's, cell phones, landline phones, computers, and MP3 players. Oticon's ConnectLine system is designed to work together seamlessly to address your most difficult hearing situations. Complete with a TV Adaptor, Landline Phone Adaptor and easily connected to a Cell Phone. 

ConnectLine turns your hearing aids into a hands free headset.

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ConnectLine Streamer

Core to the ConnectLine is the Streamer, which is a small body worn device which allows to connect your hearing aids to cell phones, landline phones, TV 

and other audio sources.

Advantages of using the ConnectLine Streamer include:

•  Hearing with both ears for optimal listening on a landline or cell phone

•  Switch between the TV, landline phone and cell phone by a push of a button

•  Connect up to 8 audio devices

•  Energy efficient - no additional battery drain on your hearing aids

•  Can use as a remote control for your hearing aids

•  Easy to connect and use

Oticon ConnectLine Devices Hearing Aids

Try Oticon ConnectLine

The ConnectLine is compatible with the Oticon Agil, Epoq, Dual, VigoConnect and Safari hearing aids. 

If you would like more information on the Oticon ConnectLine, click on the link below.  If you would like to learn first hand how the ConnectLine can keep you connected to what matters most in life, click on one of the links to a local Hearing Care Professional to your right, or enter your zip code to conduct a search in your area.

This content was last reviewed on: May 15th, 2014

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Hearing aids and Bluetooth technology change the lives of those with hearing loss. Connectivity is easy and for everyone. Learn about the benefits of Oticon's ConnectLine and why it is the complete and easy to use available today.

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