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All Together Better Hearing For You

Introducing the Oticon Acto Hearing Aid, designed to let you hear what you need to hear with greater comfort and convenience. These hearing aids automatically adapt to the environment so that you can follow conversations, even in challenging situations.

Oticon Acto is discreet and elegant. Whether you choose an Acto that fits securely inside your ear or discreetly behind it, you’ll feel more confident in how you communicate with others.

Oticon Acto is wireless, enabling you to connect to devices such as cell phones, TV and MP3 players. Acto provides you with the best opportunity to make the most of your hearing devices.

 Access to Clear Sound

Clear sound and the ability to understand speech go hand in hand. Oticon Acto gives you both, with full listening comfort and access to sounds that typically are difficult to hear.

•  Acto hearing aids wirelessly talk to each other, ensuring that both ears receive the best sound from Acto’s advanced technology.

•  When two Acto instruments communicate with each other, they more accurately respond to changes in your listening environment. Unwanted noise is reduced, while volume for speech remains loud enough for a comfortable and more understandable listening experience.  This can help you better understand conversation in difficult situations, such as noisy restaurants.

•  The advanced technologies are coordinated, including the noise management system, the directional microphone system and the anti-feedback system. You simply enjoy high fidelity sound quality typically only found in more expensive products.


Acto’s ability to connect wirelessly to modern communication or entertainment devices allows you more flexibility with today's technology.

Acto, in combination with Oticon Streamer and ConnectLine™ let you use your cell phone or landline phone, TV, radio or MP3 player with ease and clarity. 

All the connectivity options you need are available; pick what you need now or add them on as the need arises.

Here’s how it works:  When the telephone rings, ConnectLine discreetly notifies you and lets you answer the call directly by the touch of a button on the Streamer. When the call ends, the TV sound returns automatically.

Style and Color Options

The Oticon Acto family emcompasses the full range of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aid styles, including the tiny and discreet receiver-in-the-ear model (miniRITE).  A variety of colors are available, to blend in with skin and hair tones.

Try Oticon Hearing Aids

You might well forget that you are wearing Oticon Acto hearing aids until you take them off!  The only way to find out is to experience Acto for yourself.  If you would like to listen to Oticon Acto, schedule an appointment at your nearest local hearing center - over 4300 across the USA to select from.

This content was last reviewed on: May 15th, 2014

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