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Contributed by Paul Dybala, PhD, president, Healthy Hearing
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Hearing healthcare isn't always covered by insurance, but AARP members may take advantage of hearing health benefits.

Did you know that experts say individuals with hearing loss don't actually take action to get their hearing back until seven to 10 years after noticing the first symptoms? That's a long time without being able to hear friends and family members. AARP members have exclusive access to hearing healthcare options and discounted hearing aids, making up one of the most comprehensive packages available today.

The Hearing Care Program benefits include:

  • 90-day, risk-free trial for all hearing aid products that are custom fit
  • Discounts and savings on hearing healthcare products, including hearing aids
  • Access to the most technologically advanced hearing aid brands on the market today
  • 15 percent discount on a number of products, including hearing aid batteries, accessories and assistive listening products
  • One year follow-up care program comes with no additional cost
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
  • Opportunity to choose from more than 1,500 conveniently located hearing healthcare providers
  • Free three-year supply of hearing aid batteries at a $100 value
  • Directional microphones at no additional charge, which is a $150 value per hearing aid

AARP's website also has an easy-to-use appointment setter that allows you to pick your state and find the closest audiologist that is covered under your insurance plan. All clinics listed on the site are licensed professionals who offer state-of-the-art technology and services. In addition, there is an online screening exam that can help individuals determine their level of hearing. The five-minute screening can be conducted via a questionnaire or with headphones.

Hearing loss causes isolation

AARP's hearing care program ensures that individuals will not become isolated due to their hearing loss. Research conducted by The National Council on Aging shows that people who struggle with hearing loss but do not receive treatment may feel isolated or depressed. According to the study, 30 percent of those with hearing loss who did not wear hearing aids felt isolated while only 22 percent of those with hearing aids had those feelings.

Social interaction is incredibly important for people's health and well-being. Those who are older than 50 may be living alone, which could lead to injury or illness. The AARP Foundation understands the great importance of staying in contact with friends, family members and the community to live a healthy life. The organization commissions research that addresses social isolation and finds ways to prevent it.

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AARP online community

AARP's website provides a number of valuable resources to people over the age of 50. There are message boards to keep in contact with others on the website and popular discussions that allow individuals to share jokes, music and new books with other members. The information is directed toward the over 50 demographic, and includes travel, dating and health advice. This can be very beneficial to those with hearing loss because it serves as an outlet to get in touch with others, without relying on hearing. Plus, it provides a gateway to meet others with hearing loss. Social media and online interaction can very helpful to those with hearing loss.

Additionally, the website provides state-specific information including sessions to attend, care giving tips, forums and local events.

AARP membership

AARP is a trusted name in the healthcare industry, which is why the foundation is able to provide many Americans with affordable healthcare. Being a member of AARP allows you to take advantage of the close relationship that AARP has with leading companies by having access to a number of health products, discounts and services at a low rate. Here are some additional benefits of an AARP membership to consider: 

  • Discounts: You will have access to discounts at a number of restaurants, drug stores, entertainment facilities, shops and more.
  • Health Product: Dental insurance, fitness discounts, medical supply services, hearing discounts and vision discounts are all available. 
  • Travel Benefits: AARP members may receive discounted rates at hotels and resorts as well as lower prices on rental cars. Flights, cruises and tours are also available at a lower rate.
  • Financial Services: Credit cards, lifetime income options, life insurance, auto insurance and college savings solutions are available.
  • Programs and Events: Career fairs and free webinars are available for career advancement.
  • Insurance Products: Health, life, auto, home, mobile home, long term care, motorcycle and property insurance are all available. 
  • Publications: AARP magazines provide insight and helpful information for members that make it easier to cope with challenging situations

AARP provides a laundry list of healthcare tools and resources that can help you determine the right type of coverage and cost that suits your lifestyle, while calculating your savings. Additionally, there is a health insurance terms glossary that will help you decipher hard to understand language when choosing a plan. You can also calculate your social security benefits.

The AARP Foundation also helps millions of older Americans with safe and affordable housing, nutritional eating and personal connections. Because sometimes we cannot prepare for certain events that happen throughout our lives – the loss of a job, death of a spouse or health crisis – AARP provides resources in the areas where they are needed most.

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