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Richard Harrell


Dr. Harrell earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Radford University with an internship at North Carolina Baptist hospital. He holds a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Dr. Harrell moved to the New River Valley from New York where he served as professor of Audiology at the State University of New York–New Paltz. He served as assistant professor of Audiology at Radford University from 1994 to 2000 and founded The Hearing Clinic, Inc. in 1995. In 2000 the Audiology department at Lewis-Gale clinic was purchased and became part of The Hearing Clinic, Inc.

Dr. Harrell served on the Virginia Department of Health task force for infant hearing screening and was one of the authors of the original protocol for universal infant hearing screening in Virginia. His academic research interests included central auditory processing and Otoacoustic emissions for which he has presented numerous lectures. He has been an invited speaker for various national conferences and organizations and is a contributing author to The Handbook of Clinical Audiology’s fifth edition.

Dr. Harrell’s personal interests include skiing and cycling.

Jeff Akers


Jeff Akers earned his B.S. and M.S. from Radford University. His first audiology position was in Charlotte, NC where he worked with both otolaryngologists and rehabilitation centers. In 2000 he joined The Hearing Clinic to serve as Director of Audiology for the office at Lewis-Gale Clinic in Salem, VA.

His current professional interests included vestibular evaluation for patients with dizziness and vertigo as well as providing advanced hearing aid technology to patients with hearing loss.

A native of Floyd County, he has enjoyed his return to the mountains of southwest Virginia. His personal interests include golf and horseback riding. Additionally, he also happens to be an accomplished third-generation stone mason for which his friends frequently take advantage.

Regina Talbert


Regina Talbert earned her Master's degree in Audiology from Radford University and completed an extensive internship at the Medical College of Virginia. She was bestowed Radford University’s Best Research Thesis Award.

Her previous work experience included tenures at North Carolina Eye and Ear Hospital in Durham, NC and Wake Forest University / N.C. Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. She specializes in diagnostics and hearing aid dispensing.

Her personal interests include water sports, bicycling, and reading. Avey 2015.jpg

Megan Avey


Dr. Avey earned her B.A. from the University of Iowa, and her Au.D. from Purdue University in 2010. She completed her externship at the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis. Prior to joining the Hearing Clinic, she practiced in private ENT and otology clinics in Indiana, Massachusetts, and Texas. Her current professional interests include vestibular evaluation, pediatric diagnostics, and hearing aid dispensing. A native of Iowa, Dr. Avey and her husband enjoy rooting on the Hawkeye's with their beagle, Buckley. 1.jpg

Carrie Miller


Carrie earned her B.S. and M.S. from Radford University. She began her audiology career at Roanoke Valley Speech and Hearing Center where she gained extensive experience testing and hearing aid fitting of children. Prior to joining The Hearing Clinic she was at Jefferson Surgical Clinic. Her personal interests including hiking and camping with her children, Silas and Georgia. She also enjoys trail running and reading.

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The Hearing Clinic, Inc - Blacksburg

“I liked that she was careful and she answered my questions. ”

of Radford, VA   
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5 out of 5 1.
The Hearing Clinic, Inc - Blacksburg

“I liked that he was very friendly to me. ”

of Radford, VA   
Review verified by phone
5 out of 5 1.
The Hearing Clinic, Inc - Blacksburg

“I’ve been suffering with tinnitus for over two years. With the help of my PCP I went thru numerous diagnostic studies along with office visits to several specialists. Thru the months since the onset I’ve tried everything from hypnosis to acupuncture with no relief from the excruciating noise inside my head. Several months ago I received a flyer from The Hearing Clinic announcing an addition to their staff (Dr. Mason) specializing in treating tinnitus. This was exciting news for me and I couldn’t wait to make an appointment to discuss possible treatments for this horrific condition. I met with her twice and although she didn’t have a miracle cure or would offer false hope, she did listen and offer some very astute advice. She was able to present a better understanding of how to cope with tinnitus. Dr. Mason helped me tremendously by listening and caring. It was exciting and refreshing to meet with someone that’s dedicating their professional life to treating and working toward a solution to tinnitus. She freely shared her knowledge and information and helped me to explore several avenues to begin managing my tinnitus. There’s not a cure for this condition and I still have many very bad days, but there are good days too. Thanks to Dr. Mason I treasure these days and have learned “not to go looking for the noise” when the level has somewhat abated. It was comforting to meet and to discuss my condition with a professional that understood how debilitating and life altering acute and chronic tinnitus can be. I would encourage anyone with tinnitus to meet with Dr. Mason as soon as possible. I also feel confident that if any additional treatment or other viable relief options become available, that Dr. Mason will again champion and share any information with me immediately. ”

of Peterstown, WV   
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5 out of 5 1.
The Hearing Clinic, Inc - Blacksburg

“I liked how they were very thorough. ”

of Christiansburg, VA   
Review verified by phone
5 out of 5 1.
The Hearing Clinic, Inc - Blacksburg

“He worked with us to get us what we need, based off of what we could afford. ”

of Christiansburg, VA   
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5 out of 5 1.

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About this clinic

The Hearing Clinic, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Richard Harrell after moving to the area to serve as assistant professor of audiology at Radford University. In 1997 we entered a business relationship providing hearing services for Dr. Aaron Prussin, ENT, in Christiansburg, Virginia, that continues today. The practice expanded in 2000, acquiring the audiology department from Lewis-Gale Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. Jeff Akers, M.S., returned to Virginia to act as director of the Salem Clinic. In 2010 we joined Audigy Group. As an AudigyCertified™ practice, we continue to work to provide services that enhance our core values of exceptional service, excellent technology, and expert advice. Regina Talbert, M.A., brings her many years of experience to our offices, where, along with Dr. Seth Palmer, ENT, we provide comprehensive hearing services. In 2013 Dr. Ashley Mason, Au.D., joined the practice with expertise in tinnitus and balance disorders. She has established the new tinnitus treatment program with state-of-the-art technology, treatment, and counseling options. As we look to the future, our mission of providing the highest level of audiological care to Central and Southwestern Virginia is being fulfilled.


We have 3 locations that are accepting new patients.

The Hearing Clinic – Blacksburg, VA
Audiologic services and hearing aids
920 Plantation Road Suite 104
Blacksburg VA 24060


The Hearing Clinic – Salem, VA
Hearing aids and audiological services
1802 Braeburn Dr
Salem, VA 24153

The Hearing Clinic --Blacksburg, VA
Audiologic services adn hearing aids for current, new and ENT patients
830 Davis Street Suite 2
Blacksburg VA 24060


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Clinic services

Our expert staff of AudigyCertified™ professionals provide services to those from newborn to over a hundred years old. These include basic behavioral tests and sophisticated computerized otoneurological evaluations. When appropriate, the latest digital hearing instruments may be utilized to help compensate for a hearing impairment. For individuals who work in high noise areas, we administer Hearing Conservation Programs in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

If a hearing loss is suspected, an appointment with one of our certified Audiologists should be made for the purposes of testing and evaluation.

After the age of 50, a regular hearing test should be considered as important as one’s yearly physical checkup.

Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. Basically, it consists of answering questions about your hearing health, recognizing everyday words at different volume levels, and identifying different sounds.

Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, produces a unique hearing pattern which is recorded on an audiogram.

The test is completed in a sound booth using earphones and bone conduction oscillator. The Audiologist then uses the audiogram to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. These tests should help determine whether a hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing aids.

ENG Test – Electronystagmogram
The ENG test is probably one of the most useful tests to diagnose “dizzy” complaints in which other obvious causes such as ear infection, head injury or certain medication “side effects” are not involved.

The ENG is a series of tests designed to evaluate the inner-ear’s vestibular mechanism. This test electronically determines the responses of the balance mechanisms of the vestibular system. These responses are expressed through eye movements which are recorded by electrodes applied to the skin of the face.

This test is performed at our offices.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment
For patients suffering with tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) we offer several diagnostic tests and self-assessment surveys to determine the cause of the tinnitus and its psychological impact. Tests are performed to determine if the cause of the tinnitus is related to middle ear or inner ear problems as well as possible auditory nerve abnormalities. The tone or pitch of the tinnitus as well as its volume is also determined to help assess the best management option. These options may include dietary changes, medication review, masking devices, hearing aids, or Tinnitus Retraining therapy (TRT).

Dispensing of Digital Hearing Aids
All patients undergo a comprehensive hearing exam prior to receiving hearing aids to determine the cause and extent of the loss. A detailed case history is also completed. Once a patient becomes a candidate for hearing aids based upon their hearing handicap all options are discussed with the patient including style of the hearing instrument and technology level required to meet their communication goals. The hearing aids are then programmed to match their unique hearing loss. At this point every patient undergoes comprehensive instruction on how to listen again. Emphasis is placed on how the brain must relearn to focus on specific sounds that the individual wants to pay attention to and ignore irrelevant noises. All patients are also instructed on use and care of the hearing instruments and follow-up tests are performed to assure optimal programming of the aids.

Hearing Aid Checks and Servicing
The cornerstone of our customer service is the follow-up our patients receive once fit with hearing aids. Most patients initially require 3-4 office visits to understand how to once again listen and how to take care of their new hearing aids. Subsequent hearing aid adjustments or trouble shooting is always available at no charge for the life of the hearing instruments. In fact, most patients can be seen for hearing aid related problems the day they call. In addition, all patients receive our quarterly newsletter to keep them informed of the latest research into hearing disorders and technological improvements. Finally, all patients are scheduled for an annual hearing exam to retest their natural hearing and clean and check the hearing aids.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
When a patient has a hearing loss sometimes an assistive listening device (ALD) is required in addition to or instead of a hearing aid. ALDs can be amplified telephones, TV enhancer's, visual smoke and doorbell alarms and a variety of other items designed to keep the hearing impaired in touch with their environment. We have a number of these items in our office for demonstration where their benefits can be quickly observed. Because this technology is so quickly evolving we always have access to the latest information and can special order any ALD.

Hearing Screening for Infants
We are proud to be one of the certified sites for infant hearing evaluation. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained staff we offer newborn hearing screening and follow-up as needed. We work closely with local pediatricians to determine if a hearing loss in an infant is present and the extent and cause of the impairment. When needed we also provide hearing aid counseling and fitting and have fit children as young as 5 months of age.

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