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Pamela Montgomery-Earl


Pam Montgomery-Earl started her professional career as a Registered Nurse and 10 years as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Hearing loss issues in her family stimulated an interest in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, she returned to school and completed a Masters in Speech and Hearing Science, and a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology. She is certified as an ASHA Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology. For the past 21 years she has worked as an Audiologist in the provision of Pediatric and Adult Audiology Services.

Pam believes that untreated hearing loss is a serious national health crisis that severely affects patients, their families, and their ability to communicate in many ways. Her professional goals include educating her community regarding hearing loss and its ramifications, and identification and assessment of her patient’s hearing. There are many amplification options available to patients with hearing loss and Pam feels it can be very confusing for some patients. She works to provide an explanation of the best options available, as well as, provide the products and services which will help patients hear better. Choosing to work with Nilsson Hearing Clinics was an obvious choice because of their commitment to provide patients with the best quality products on the market and their focus on Auditory Counseling services designed to improve patient’s ability to function.

Jamie Wilkerson


A few years ago, while working the front desk, I overheard Eric Nilsson say he was in need of a hearing instrument specialist. I thought about it and it seemed like something I could do. I already had many responsibilities that fell under the hearing instrument specialist umbrella, so I was confident I could make the transition from patient care coordinator. So I am! Right now, I’m a state licensed hearing instrument intern. Once I’ve finished up about two more years in the internship position, I’ll make a second transition into a full-time, nationally-certified hearing instrument specialist!

This is one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had. Seriously! And to call it a job just doesn’t feel right. I love to help patients and to see them react when they hear as a result of the work we all do here. Some of them laugh or giggle, others may cry, and a few look around, stunned or amazed, or even a little unsure at the sounds they are hearing after years or more of missing out on the sounds many of us tend to take for granted. There is so much joy from what we get to do and from the results we get.

Eric Nilsson


The family business turned out to be even more enjoyable and fun than I had thought and I still look forward to each day on the job. After all, I get to meet people from all walks of life, hear their stories, and help them improve their lives. Family is so important to me (and working in a family business has its advantages there), so when I can help someone reconnect with their own family and experience a happier, fuller life… I’ve realized that there really isn’t a more rewarding feeling out there.

We have people come in who have been isolated from their friends and family for years. Some have had bad experiences, and others don’t even realize how isolated they are until we open the door for them. Restoring and improving hearing can have a total 180-degree effect on their lives. I’ve had some clients cry tears of joy in the office because they are so happy to once again feel that connection with their world. It’s an incredibly fulfilling feeling.

Of course, there are always some challenges along the way. We try so hard here, so on those rare occasions when we’re not able to quite reach a patient’s hearing goals and give them overall completeness, it can be a hard pill to swallow. There are only so many things we can do to help patients get around the barriers, but we will do whatever we can (and then some) to try and help.

And that inspires us to keep on growing. Our goal is to reach as many people looking for help as possible, and to help them reach the happiness they’ve been searching for. All of that passion for excellence comes along with the best service possible. Without that, growth wouldn’t be worth it.

Rosie Barrick

Patient Experience Manager

As our Patient Experience Manager, it’s Rosie’s responsibility to make sure every patient has the best visit possible while they’re with us. With Rosie on the job, every patient who comes to see us will have a pleasant experience.

“Although, this is a new opportunity for me, I’m excited to meet new people and make sure everything about the hearing process is pleasant for the patients and the provider,” Rosie says.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Rosie lived in Mexico for 10 years before returning to US shores. After moving back to the US, she spent some time in California. Rosie says living abroad was an interesting experience, though she hasn’t visited Mexico since she moved to Utah. Rosie and her daughter have lived in Utah for the last three years. Rosie’s daughter is currently a student at Utah State.

When Rosie isn’t at work, she likes to stay active. She recently completed her third half-marathon “under much duress,” she says with a laugh. However, she also loves curling up with a good mystery novel or kicking back to watch a British crime drama (“Sherlock,” “Vera,” and “Broadchurch” are some current favorites). “I love Vera,” Rosie says of the show’s title character. “She’s brash and fantastic!” Rosie is happy to keep up the desert landscaping in her yard, because it requires little maintenance.

If you’re itching to talk about a good book or some mystery television, be sure to say hello to Rosie at your next appointment! We’re lucky to have her as part of the Nilsson team!

Trista Ramsey

Patient Experience Coordinator

Trista’s journey with Nilsson Hearing began when Jamie asked her if she wanted to come work with the company as a patient care coordinator. The story doesn’t really get any simpler than that! It certainly lends credence to the idea that it’s all about who you know!

Of course, it also helps when you have an interest in healthcare. Trista says she’s always been interested the healthcare field, but hadn’t previously worked in the industry. Working at Nilsson has served very much as a gateway into healthcare, and so far, it’s proved to be a wonderful opportunity to help people. And that’s really what it’s all about.

Trista loves to meet all the people who walk through the Richfield clinic doors. There’s always someone new to meet and help, and there’s always something to learn. She loves getting into the heart of the audiology industry and learning what makes it tick. She’s fascinated by its history and many of the early concepts that gave way to modern advances in both patient care and technology.

Outside of the office, Trista’s a farm girl. She, her three kids, and husband of 15 years, own a small farm. There, they raise a whole menagerie of birds: chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, peafowl, you name it! Just don’t expect to find any of these feathered creatures on the dining room table. They’re all Trista’s babies and very much a part of the family. They also all have their own personalities, especially the Tom Turkey. He fancies himself a guard dog. If you don’t have his express permission, he probably isn’t going to let you into the yard.

Clinic reviews

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Nilsson Hearing Clinics - Richfield

“I have been wearing hearing aids for over twenty years. I have a severe to profound hearing loss so my hearing aids are one of my most cherished possessions. I have dealt with many different hearing aid clinics throughout the years. I was just fitted with new aids at the Nilsson Hearing clinic in Richfield. These new aids fit great and I am hearing much better than I was with my old instruments. The care and skill that I received from Jamie was exceptional. She really took extra time with me to make sure I was getting what I wanted. My hearing aids are my connection to the world. With them I can have a job, enjoy my kids, play music and feel a part of every day life. Thank you for your help Nilsson of Richfield!”

of Richfield, UT   
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5 out of 5 1.
Nilsson Hearing Clinics - Richfield

“I have been going to Nilsson Hearing in Richfield since its opening and I can't say enough for its staff and hearing aids. I highly recommend them.”

of Marysvale, UT   
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5 out of 5 1.
Nilsson Hearing Clinics - Richfield

“I visited the Richfield clinic and was fitted for instruments. I did not feel like a customer. My experience with Jamie AND Trista was great. They both treated me like a person and not just customer. I also love my new instruments. They work great and the ongoing service is second to none and I would recommend them to any one. Jamie was very good to explain things to me and very helpful. Thanks for the service I receive there. ”

of Joseph, UT   
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5 out of 5 1.
Nilsson Hearing Clinics - Richfield

“She was very personable and very interested in what my needs were.”

of Monroe, UT   
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5 out of 5 1.
Nilsson Hearing Clinics - Richfield

“She was very courteous. She was there on time, and had me in there & out as quickly as possible. I really enjoyed the experience.”

of Manti, UT   
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5 out of 5 1.

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About this clinic

For 33 years, we at Nilsson Hearing Clinics have believed in a world where those with hearing loss (and their loved ones) can live a life unhindered by the obstacles, misperceptions, and handicap that were once associated with hearing loss and the use of technologically advanced hearing aids, devices, and accessories.

At Nilsson Hearing Clinics, our providers and staff empower people to stay actively-engaged and connected to their world by providing life-enhancement services that solve the struggles of those affected by hearing loss.

Our offerings include FREE Baseline Hearing Health Evaluations, our Comprehensive Hearing Therapy Programs, Personalized Auditory Counseling, and the most advanced natural-sounding frequency-specific amplification the hearing industry has available.

Clinic services

Our services include:

  • FREE Real World Hearing Assessments
  • FREE Medical Hearing Evaluations
  • Personalized Auditory Training Programs
  • Tinnitus Treatment Options
  • Ring-in-the-Ears Solutions
  • Doctor of Audiology and Board Certified Specialists
  • Middle Ear Functional Analysis
  • Live Speech Mapping Verification
  • Otoacoustic Emissions testing
  • Hearing Instrument Batteries, Repairs, and Adjustments
  • Bi-Weekly Seminar Series

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