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Littlefield Hearing

37 W 300 N
Provo, UT 84601 US

About this clinic

There is a reason Littlefield's is considered a leader in the hearing-aid industry. It has to do with personal service, with dedication, with honesty and integrity. It has to do with selection and quality, with experience and know-how. Littlefield's understands, and has been providing service to Salt Lake-area hearing-impaired residents for the past 54 years. And in this business, staying power is the best barometer. Waldo L. Littlefield founded his company - then known as Acousticon Littlefield Company - in 1946. Waldo and his wife, Afton, first set up shop in the Atlas Building in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a time when hearing aids were awkward, clumsy and largely ineffective - a far cry from today's designs and technology. It was also a time when the industry standard was to limit selection to only one manufacturer. Such a narrow and limiting approach didn't sit well with Waldo. How could one hearing-aid manufacturer be all things to all people? How could one line adequately satisfy the many and varied needs of an entire segment of the population? Because of the obvious and inherent shortcomings of operating under conditions, Waldo opted to break with tradition. By the mid-1950s Littlefield's was offering a full line of hearing-aid manufacturers. Others in the industry soon followed Waldo's lead. Since that time Littlefield's has continued to expand and evolve. In the early 1950s the company moved from its 200 South digs to a new location on 300 South. In 1988, Littlefield's moved to its current location at 1441 E. 2100 South. Waldo's three sons joined the company in the '60s - Lyman and Paul in 1960 and Mike in 1963. Since Waldo's passing in 1999, the boys have continued on in their father's tradition to excellence. Today, Littlefield's staff includes six board-certified state-licensed hearing instrument specialists. Between them, they have more than 150 years of experience fitting, adjusting and modifying hearing instruments, and counseling the hearing-impaired. Littlefield's technicians, who do everything from designing hearing instruments to building and repairing them, have more than 45 years of combined experience. Littlefield's was the first hearing-aid company to manufacture custom hearing aids in its own office, and was instrumental in the development of all-in-the-ear custom-fitted hearing systems. Littlefield's All Make - While You Wait repair facility has become almost legendary. The company also offers free hearing tests as well as free lifetime cleaning and adjusting. Littlefield's customers have more than 20 lines from which to choose, including Sonic Innovations, Widex, Oticon, Starkey, Qualitone, Fidelity, Interton, Electone, Magnatone, Siemens, Maico/Bernefon, Littlefields, Telex, Rexton and A&M. Such selection helps to ensure customers are getting the best possible product and fit for their particular needs. Waldo Littlefield spent the better part of his professional life striving to make a better, more fulfilling life for the hearing-impaired. He wasn't afraid to challenge the status quo, and in so doing, was able to offer his customers a better, more effective product. He passed along his love of the business to his wife and three sons, who have picked up where he left off. Because of the mark Waldo left in the community, those who are hearing-impaired have been able to enjoy fuller, more meaningful lives.

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