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4000 Main St Homestead, PA 15120

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More than 31 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing problem. Yet only one in five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one.

Why work with a professional audiologist or hearing health specialist such as L.A. Lenkner, rather than simply purchasing a discount hearing aid by mail or via the internet? Because by working with a hearing health professional, you're assured of professional fitting, care and service, including critical advice on which hearing aid to purchase.

Our job is to make the bewildering array of hearing aid styles (completely-in-the-canal vs. in-the-canal, half-shell vs. full-shell) and technologies (analog, digital, Bluetooth-enabled) understandable. Imagine purchasing a pair of glasses and lenses online, after guessing at your lens prescription. The fact is, everyone's ear canal and everyone's hearing loss experience is different. The right hearing aid is out there for you, let the hearing health experts at L.A. Lenkner Audiology help you find it.

Clinic services

* Audiological testing * Diagnostic hearing testing * Tympanometry * Hearing aid evaluation * Visible speech * Hearing aid dispensing * Hearing aid batteries and supplies * Custom earmolds * Swimmolds * Custom hearing protection earmolds * Musician earmolds * Aural rehabilitation * Hearing aid repairs * Lip reading/speech reading training * Speech-language evaluations and treatment (limited to pre-school and school age children) * Tinnitus treatment

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