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Toward Better Understanding - Better understanding of your hearing loss - Better understanding of your potential for improvement - Better understanding of all costs and options open to you If hearing aids are recommended, our goal is to give you the blue ribbon prize of hearing aid fitting -- the best understanding possible of what is being said under any and all listening conditions. We dedicate ourselves to our patients and their families by applying the highest standards of hearing health care; by maintaining personal and professional ethical standards; by continuously updating our knowledge and skills; and by striving to be compassionate, respectful and patient in the provision of quality professional services at reasonable cost.

Clinic services

Audiological Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations are available for adults and children of any age using state-of-the-art equipment. Hearing Aids Our audiologists are skilled in selecting the most suitable hearing aid style and model – including the latest virtually undetectable mini-digital and open-fit models – for each individual’s unique hearing loss and personal preferences. Advanced features – automatic volume adjustments, noise reduction technology, multiple programs, directional microphones, automatic feedback (squealing) suppression, high-frequency designs, and more – are available. Our dispensers are licensed by N.Y.S. both as Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers. Ask us whether your insurance covers part or all costs of hearing aids. Custom Swim Plugs and Noise-Protection Plugs We provide comfortable custom-molded ear plugs for swimmers of all ages, musicians, hunters, and noisy industry workers. Musicians’ plugs are unique in that they protect the ears from loud sounds but allow sounds of normal loudness to pass through. OSHA-Compliant Industrial Hearing Conservation Our staff of NYS licensed audiologists carries out the OSHA-required training and testing procedures in sound-treated test booths delivered to your plant. Rapid testing offers minimal down time. All forms, reports and mandated follow-up procedures are provided. Advice is offered regarding the latest OSHA requirements including the maintaining of OSHA Log 300. For full details, click on the OSHA Industrial Testing button on the left. Preschool Screening Program Parents fill out permission and questionnaire forms in preparation for our staff members to screen preschoolers at their schools, for hearing, ear, speech, language and voice problems. Findings are sent home with an explanatory “Meaning of the Screening” form. A computer generated statistical summary of results is provided to the school director.

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