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Audiologic Services, a complete diagnostic and rehabilitative center established in 1982, provides the very best Quality Hearing Healthcare and Balance Assessment to the private and medical communities. Audiologic Services is an American Institute of Balance (AIB) Affiliate and specializes in vestibular testing and rehab. Audiologic Services is an independent, private practice with a clinical staff worthy of the greatest praise. At Audiologic Services, we recognize that working toward better hearing health can be a long term commitment. The staff works together to create an environment that makes people comfortab

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Diagnostic Testing If a hearing loss is suspected, an appointment with one of our certified Audiologists should be made for the purposes of testing and evaluation. After the age of 50, a regular hearing test should be considered as important as ones yearly physical checkup. Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. Basically, it consists of answering questions about your hearing health, recognizing everyday words at different volume levels, and identifying different sounds. Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, produces a unique hearing pattern which is recorded on an audiogram. The test is completed in a sound booth using earphones and bone conduction oscillator. The Audiologist then uses the audiogram to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. These tests should help determine whether a hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing aids. This test is performed in both of our office locations, please call us for any additional information. VNG Test - Videonystagmography Videonystagmography (VNG) is designed to test inner ear and central motor function. VNG is considered the new standard for testing inner ear functions over electronystagmography (ENG), this is due to the fact that VNG measures the movements of the eyes directly through infrared cameras, instead of measuring the mastoid muscles around the eyes with electrodes like in ENG. VNG testing is noninvasive. Infrared goggles are placed around the eyes around the eyes to record eye movement during testing. Audiovestibular testing usually last about 1 1/2 hours. Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment For patients suffering with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) we offer several diagnostic tests and self-assessment surveys to determine the cause of the tinnitus and its psychological impact. Tests are performed to determine if the cause of the tinnitus is related to middle ear or inner ear problems as well as possible auditory nerve abnormalities. The tone or pitch of the tinnitus as well as its volume is also determined to help assess the best management option. These options may include dietary changes, medication review, masking devices, hearing aids, or Tinnitus Retraining therapy (TRT).

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