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"To provide our patients with the highest quality hearing care available at the best price."
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At Atlanta Hearing Aid Services, we believe that our patients come first. We take pride in our advanced capabilities for diagnosing and treating any medical condition of the ear. We are committed to providing high quality care for our patients, along with the highest level of service.

In addition, Atlanta Hearing Aid Services is proud to offer the widest selection of hearing aids in the Atlanta area, including the latest in digital technology. Our commitment to carrying such a broad inventory of hearing aids means you are sure to find the best instrument for your specific needs. Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction.

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Assistive listening devices Atlanta Hearing Aid Servicesll provides a variety of assistive devices, from specialized telephones for the hearing impaired to devices to simply aid in hearing the television more clearly (see Types of ALD's in our Hearing Library section for more information). Counseling & Rehabilitation Atlanta Hearing Aid Services feels it is essential to take the counseling time necessary to fit hearing instruments so that every patient is comfortable with the product and what they can expect once fit. Each individual's needs can be very different. We are committed to providing the necessary counseling for every patient and their family during the fitting process, as their input is extremely valuable as well. Earmolds- i-Pods, swim molds, musician molds & hearing protection Earmolds are not just for people with hearing loss anymore. Atlanta Hearing Aid Services provides specialty molds for many areas of life. From sleep plugs for the snoring spouse, pilot molds, swim molds, to earmolds for the hunter and recreational shooter, and even customized earmolds for your i-Pod. Hearing Aid Sales & Service Atlanta Heairng Aid Services strives to fit the most appropriate hearing instruments on every patient. Many factors are taken into consideration before a recommendation is made. A few of these factors are: Type, Degree, and Configuration of the hearing loss; Individuals lifestyle and needs are also important to understand when recommending a technology level; Once a technology level has been determined, a specific manufacturer of hearing aids that fits this patients requirements is chosen. Since we are not limited to one manufacturer, we can provide the best hearing aid available for all our patients specific needs. We, also, provide all warranties and repairs on all products that we offer. Hearing Evaluation A group of tests performed to determine the type and degree of an individuals hearing loss. There are three types of hearing loss. Sensorineural, Conductive, and Mixed (combination of sensorineural and conductive). Degrees of hearing loss can vary from mild to profound. An accurate hearing evaluation gives the essential information necessary to make appropriate recommendations.

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