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About this clinic

Northern Hearing Services was started by Dr. Joyce Sexton, AuD so she could help people of Alaska hear better. Northern Hearing Services serves people from all parts of the state in Anchorage and Wasilla offices and outreach clinic locations. Joyce was working for the Anchorage School District and decided she could better serve the hearing healthcare needs of Alaskans by having an independent practice. At first Joyce worked by herself testing and fitting hearing aids.

However as other hearing healthcare needs emerged Northern Hearing Services expanded and grew to meet those needs Currently Northern Hearing Services now not only evaluates hearing loss and fits, repairs, evaluates, and sells hearing aids, but they perform ABR tests and have been selected to be the Audiologists for the Alaska Cochlear Implant Network.  

Northern Hearing Services now has offices in Anchorage and Wasilla with outreach clinics in Kodiak and Valdez.

Clinic services

Hearing Screening: A quick check to determine if a hearing loss may be present. Hearing Tests: A hearing test for the purpose of fitting a hearing aid. Audiological Evaluation: An evaluation of your hearing and auditory system to determine the cause and extent of the hearing loss. This includes not the hearing test but: History: Any conditions at birth or since that may have an impact, workplace, military, or other noise exposure, medications prescribed by another health provider, past surgeries or other medical conditions, and family traits and hereditary anomalies that may impact hearing. Visual Inspection: Your outer ear and ear drum will be inspected. Testing: The tests performed will depend upon the history and visual inspection. Typically this includes Tympanometry to assess the function of the middle ear which cannot be visually inspected. Pure tone testing to determine what sound is actually heard. Speech threshold and speech recognition to assess comprehension of signals. Other tests may be performed if appropriate including special tests of auditory function, otoacoustic emissions, and brainstem auditory evoked response. The testing performed A typical Audiological Evaluation takes about an hour and involves no pain or discomfort. Batteries and Hearing Aid supplies are available for purchase and we will demonstrate how to use them. Assistive Devices: Not everyone needs a hearing aid! There area many devices that are not hearing aids that can help people hear. We have these in our office and will demonstrate how to use them. Cochlear Implant Support: Audiological services for the evaluation and use of cochlear implants in conjunction with your ENT. Everything we do at NHS is designed to help you lead a fuller and more productive life.

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