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New TV Listening Product Significantly Improves Patients Satisfaction With Hearing Aids

Petaluma, CA October 1, 2005 A California hearing professional has found that over 90% of his patients report better hearing aid satisfaction after installing the new Field home loop system from Phonic Ear. William Diles, MA, of Kenwood Hearing Center in Santa Rosa offers installation of the Field system to his patients as a means of reducing hearing aid return rates.

tv-1.gif"Weve come to realize, like many in this profession, that its possible to help patients get more from their hearing aids especially when it comes to activities like TV viewing, says Diles, who has looped over 300 private homes and about 30 audiology offices in Northern California. What we and other practices are discovering is that Field can enhance patients attitude towards their hearing aids and turn a good experience into a great one.

Offering Field has even more direct impact on Diles practice. Because theyre enjoying their hearing aids so much more, our patients are much more likely to keep them and wear them, he says. In our patient surveys, over 90% of people using home loop systems report better TV listening and hearing aid satisfaction, and they have a much better opinion of our practice as a result. They often refer their friends in just to listen through our loops!


Designed to be used with hearing aids that include telecoils, the Field lets patients hear the television without having to wear any additional equipment. The installation is simple, says Diles, and one of the biggest benefits for my patients is hearing clear sound from the television at a level thats comfortable for family members and friends that have normal hearing. The Field is also compatible with telephones, providing binaural hearing through the loop.

For more information on the Field inductive Loop System contact Phonic Ear at (800) 227-0735.

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