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Advanced Bionics Announces New Product Developments for Users of Its Earlier Cochlear Implant Technology

Valencia, CA, July 16, 2003 - Advanced Bionics is investing millions of dollars in research and development so that users of its earlier cochlear implant systems can take advantage of new developments in sound science and research.

The company's web site, www.BionicEar.com, now lists several new products under development, including:

Two new pediatric visual diagnostic tools for parents and teachers
Improved PowerCel' battery technology for the Platinum BTE' and CII BTE'
Smaller, lighter and lower-profile headpiece
Easier audio interface for the Platinum BTE and CII BTE
New ear-level processor design for users of the CLARION 1.0, 1.2 and S-Series internal implant electronics
Platinum Sound Processor' pediatric control cover

Advanced Bionics has also partnered with Westone Laboratories to create a custom earmold retainer for the revolutionary T-Mic' to provide greater processor retention and optimal positioning of the microphone in the ear. Details regarding the release of this new product will be announced soon.

Advanced Bionics is the leading innovator of cochlear implants with more U.S. technology patents than all other cochlear implant manufacturers combined. Imagine the Possibilities'.

Click here to visit the Advanced Bionics website.

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