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Social and Emotional Functioning of Children with Cochlear Implants

College Park, MD-How are kids with cochlear implants really doing in their social and emotional lives? Lots of opinions on this issue have been tossed around, but there are few objective studies on this important question. The Child Development Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park is conducting an innovative research study to investigate the unique experience of children with cochlear implants. This information is of vital interest to the families of deaf children and many professionals who work with them, including implant teams, educators and mental health professionals.

The project, taking place on the College Park campus of UMD, will begin in July 2003. Dr. Nathan A. Fox, director of the Child Development Lab and professor of Human Development, and Dr. Froma P. Roth, associate professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences are the principal investigators. Efrat A. Schorr, doctoral candidate in Human Development, is serving as the research study coordinator. The study will focus in on various aspects of social and emotional functioning that are important to developing healthy relationships and self-esteem.

"We are so encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive responses from parents," says Schorr. "They have told us that this study examines issues that are crucial to them and their families, but have been neglected for too long."

Interested volunteers are invited to come spend the day at the Child Development Lab on the University of Maryland campus. To participate, children must be between the ages of 5 to 14. Please visit their website at www.cistudy.info for more information on this cutting-edge research project. You may reach Efrat Schorr at 301-405-8315 or by email at cistudy@umail.umd.edu.

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