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Westone Features a Complete Line of Hearing Accessible Telephone Systems

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I'm Listening

I was missing out. Things I couldnt hear. The alarm. Phone calls missed. The lost conversations. Muffled meetings. It all came down to a matter of volume. And now? I am listening. With telephones, pocket talkers and other amplification products from Westone. Products that boost sound as well as my morale.

Are You Listening?

Hearing loss can quickly impact your life. Your relationships with friends and family. Because Westone understands these difficulties, we offer a wide variety of Assistive Listening Devices specifically designed to return you to the life you enjoy. Traditional and cordless telephones which amplify sound and improve speech understanding. PockeTalkers' that improve group communications. Alarm clocks that gently vibrate the bed to wake you up. As well as Personal Sound Amplifiers for classrooms and meetings. See your hearing healthcare professional and ask about our assistive listening devices.

Youll want to listen.

Westone features a complete line of hearing accessible telephone systems

Your telephone system can be customized to your unique hearing needs. Whether you require a traditional amplified phone, or a hearing-instrument-compatible cordless phone and digital answering system, Westone can match you with the system you need to maximize your hearing potential. Amplify incoming sound from 20 to 43+ decibels. Boost high frequencies to emphasize sounds that improve speech understanding. Or maximize ringer volume at 80 decibels with a flasher to catch your attention. Westone has the solutions at very competitive prices.

Many assistive listening devices can be fitted with Westone custom-fit earpieces. We craft them from impressions of your ears, so you enjoy a perfect, comfortable fit and optimum hearing results. The following products can be fitted with custom earpieces:

Personal sound amplifiers such as the Audioport A200. Two microphones, located near your ear, provide a binaural listening environment and a directionfocused sound field.

PockeTalker' II Basic System or the Pro Series. This personal listener system can be used with television, one-on-one conversations, small group conversation or, when properly equipped, to amplify telephones.

Other Assistive Listening Devices

Sonic Boom' Alarms Clocks and Bed Vibrators.
Ringmax' Amplified Telephone Ringers.

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