Phonak Presents iSense - A Wireless Communication System with Dynamic FM Technology for Users Who Do Not Need Hearing Instrument


Leipzig, Germany, October 15, 2008 - iSense, the new wireless communication system, optimizes speech comprehension in noisy environments. The system was designed specifically for people who do not require hearing instruments but experience speech comprehension problems, particularly in noisy environments. With its Dynamic FM technology, iSense provides excellent sound quality and is extremely user-friendly. iSense automatically adjusts the volume in noisy environments, thus ensuring optimum hearing performance and unparalleled user comfort.

Two iSense versions are available: iSense Micro and iSense Classic. iSense Micro resembles a tiny Bluetooth headset. It has a small and stylish behind-the-ear housing that is light and comfortable to wear. The system is available in various colors tailored to the individual tastes of various age groups. iSense Micro is fully automatic and tamperproof. iSense Classic looks like an MP3 player. The small, thin system is worn on the body and is equipped with cables and receivers for both ears. The sturdy system features volume control and an indicator light.

"iSense will greatly improve the quality of life of many people," explains Valentin Chapero, CEO of Phonak. "iSense users do not have a hearing loss in the classic sense but have speech comprehension problems, particularly in noisy situations. Many clinical studies and numerous users have confirmed the benefits of our high-performance wireless technology. The principle is both simple and ingenious: We bring the sound directly to the user's ears for better speech comprehension and improved quality of life."

The iSense product family is particularly suitable for children and adults with unilateral hearing loss, APD, ADHD, minimum hearing loss, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder or speech and language disorders as a consequence of recurring middle ear infections or stroke.

iSense will be available end of 2008.

About Phonak

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak has developed, produced and globally distributed state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices for over 50 years. The combination of expertise in hearing technology, mastery in acoustics and strong cooperation with hearing care professionals allows Phonak to significantly improve people's hearing ability and speech understanding and therefore their quality of life.

Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments, along with complementary wireless communication systems. With 2'500 employees worldwide, Phonak drives innovation and sets new industry benchmarks regarding miniaturization and performance.

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