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Siemens Showcases Solutions for Practice Support and Enhanced Patient Quality

Innovative Technology Helps Hearing Care Professionals Strengthen Their Practices

Visitors to the Siemens Hearing Instruments exhibit (#1144) at the American Academy of Audiology Convention (AAA) will witness solutions for practice support and enhanced patient quality that the Company delivers to Hearing Care Professionals. Siemens is showcasing a comprehensive solution of superior hearing instruments, equipment, software, and service support that helps Hearing Care Professionals fully leverage growth potential.

"Our ultimate goal is to help our customers do more and do it better," said William J. Lankenau, president and CEO, Siemens Hearing Instruments. "We've listened to our customers and understand what they're facing today: the impact of the down economy, increased competition, regulatory requirements, and client satisfaction issues. Only Siemens can offer the total solution of cutting-edge hearing instruments combined with the industry's leading e-business software, world-class service and exceptional customer support. We merge these individual elements to provide a comprehensive solution package to address these challenges and lead our customers to experience true proven outcomes."

Innovative new technologies and services featured at the Siemens exhibit support the company's vision to provide its customers with more ways to build stronger hearing care practices:

  • Cutting-edge hearing instruments offering improved listening, fitting and wearing comfort. Affordable digital technology such as PHOENIX' Pro, along with sophisticated advanced solutions such as TRIANO' and PRISMA' 2 help Hearing Care Professionals improve customer satisfaction with a broad range of high quality hearing instruments.
  • Siemens Online@SHI website and Practice Navigator' office management software help provide Hearing Care Professionals with increasingly creative business methods. These e-business solutions, including online ordering with e-form and a continuous stream of information and professional resources, help Professionals streamline office workflow processes and productivity, enabling more time to be spent with patients.
  • In-booth consultations with Siemens HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance partner, Dan Jacob of Healthcare Analytics, LLC, assist the company's Health Care Professionals in meeting these guidelines. With the HIPAA Privacy compliance deadline approaching on April 14, 2003, the consultations are geared to help Siemens customers learn how to manage the risks associated with HIPAA.
  • Siemens LasR' shell modification technology and its marketing services department reinforce the company's commitment to help Hearing Care Professionals continue to satisfy and retain existing customers by making positive first impressions, while developing new business.

"Our Hearing Care Partners are confronted with the challenge of providing better patient care while controlling costs," said Lankenau. "By acting as a partner, Siemens helps its customers improve practice workflow, quality of patient care and, at the same time, ultimately be more profitable."

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