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Ida Institute Announces Seminar on Patient-Centered Care

As a non-profit, education institute, the Ida Institute often ‘pushes the envelope’ to spark discussion and collaboration on issues that support patient-centered hearing care. The newest seminar series, entitled Patient-Centered Care: Fluff, Fact or Fiction?, demonstrates the Institute’s openness to exploring all aspects of patient-centered care, even if that inquiry touches on values that are at the core of the Institute’s mission. The three-part seminar series will address opinions voiced during previous Ida seminars, workshops and conversation at professional meetings by many audiologists who perceive patient-centered care as an intangible, time-consuming, ‘fluffy’ add-on to their current practice procedures and routines.

“We’ve had hearing care professionals tell us they need a better understanding of the counseling and communication skills that will enable them to adopt a patient-centered approach in their clinical practice,” said Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “Still others feel that focusing on the human dynamics of hearing loss may take them into unchartered territory that may be beyond their scope of practice. There is even a fear that patient-centered care may present a challenge to their role as hearing care professionals. We are prepared to consider all of these topics and more over the course of our new seminar series.”

Seminar participants, with the support of Ida staff and a multi-disciplinary faculty of experts from hearing care and related health care professions, will consider the relationships among language, identity, and patient-centeredness and will look at what patient-centeredness means to both hearing care professionals and their patients. Practical issues will also be explored such as the challenges practitioners experience in the clinical encounter when attempting to manage patients in a holistic manner and address the human dynamics of their hearing loss

“As always, our seminar series will consider the development of practical skills and tools needed to integrate patient-centeredness into day-to-day clinical practice,” says Bundesen. “Together, working with hearing care professionals from around the world, we aim to create a bridge between knowing about patient-centeredness and making it the core of hearing care practice.”

The first seminar in the series is slated January 21-23, 2013. Seminar participants are carefully selected and commit to fulfilling a pre-seminar assignment where they will be asked to use Ida tools in their clinical practice for a period of three months before the start of the seminar and record their experiences.

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