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'Attention Chicago Hearing Aid Users - Tell Us What's Best'

Hearing Aid Owners Tell Us Whats Best

The Hearing Industries Association (www.betterhearing.org) would like to learn about your experiences before, during, and after receiving your new hearing aid so they may better define the best practices for hearing care professionals. If you have purchased a hearing aid or hearing aids in the last three years and are enjoying the benefits of the amplification, we would like to talk with you.

Share your opinions and impressions of your experiences by participating in a focus group guided by a professional researcher who will ask you about your evaluation,
fitting, purchase, and post-purchase experience with your hearing aid(s).

Please call the ProMatura Group, LLC, a national research firm (www.promatura.com), to register for a focus group. Tell the receptionist you are interested in participating in the HIA focus groups. Call toll free 866.721.5091

Date: Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
Time: Three different time slots are available on this date
Location: Oak Park, IL
Compensation: You will be paid $75 for participating

Help define the best practices for evaluating, fitting, and supporting people who use
hearing aids.

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