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Hearing Protection for Hunters and Shooters by Westone

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I'm Listenting

I am hardcore. A shooter. Hunter. Sweat. Pain. Cold. Thats sport for me. And I cant get enough. The surge of adrenaline. The shot But before the shot goes off, I think of myself. I am listening to the hidden danger of gunfire. Im wearing custom hearing protection.

Are You Listening

Two types of shooters exist in this world those who wear effective hearing protection, and those who have or will suffer serious hearing loss. Heavy, cumbersome earmuffs may protect you at the shooting range but haul them through the brush and timber of the field? Yeah, sure. The answer? Westone custom-fit earplugs are crafted from impressions of your ears. Tiny. Lightweight. And like your fingerprints unique. A perfect, comfortable fit for optimum hearing protection. See your hearing healthcare professional before you fire another round.

Youll want to listen.

Gunfire is damaging to your ears

And the effects are cumulative after seasons of shooting or hunting, you may not even hear normal speech. Consider these sound levels:

  • .357 Magnum, 164 Decibels
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun, 156 Decibels
  • .22 Pistol, 153 Decibels
  • Standing Next to a 747 Engine, 140 Decibels (The Pain Threshold)
  • Operating a Jack Hammer, 130 Decibels
  • Attending a Rock Concert, 120 Decibels

The Solution: Westone Custom-Molded Earplugs

  • Solid Custom-Molded Plugs (#40) - The most effective for noise reduction.
  • Conversational Custom-Molded Plugs (#47) - Allows you to hear normal conversation, yet restricts the amount of loud noise.
  • Sonic-Valve Custom-Molded Plugs (#39) - Allows normal hearing until a gun shot activates a Sonic Valve which restricts the noise that reaches your ear.

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