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Hearing Protection for Musicians and Music Lovers from Westone

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I'm Listening.

I'm all about ear candy. Groove-shakin'. Hangin' loose. Livin' the music. I create it. Express it. Get off on performin' it. But before the session or concert starts, I protect myself from the hearing damage high levels of sound can cause. I am listening with high fidelity Musicians' Earplugs from Westone.

Are You Listening?

The volume of a typical rock concert measures 115 decibels more than a chain saw and just a little less than a jet engine! Fifteen minutes of that kind of pounding and some serious damage is done. Yet musicians and concert fans alike avoid conventional earplugs which muffle and distort the sound. The solution? Musicians' Earplugs. These high-tech, filtered earplugs replicate the natural response of the ear canal so you hear high quality sound. It's just quieter. The sound is simply turned down without changing it. Very cool! See your hearing healthcare professional and ask about Westone Musicians' Earplugs.

You'll want to listen.

Musicians, concert fans and other working professionals are exposed to damaging levels of sound.

Musicians aren't the only people exposed to elevated levels of sound. If you work in the following professions or enjoy concerts or nightclubs, consider Musicians' Earplugs.

  • Aircraft: Pilots, flight instructors and crew.
  • Motorsports: Motorcyclists, race car drivers and pit crews.
  • Emergency Vehicles: EMTs, highway patrol and firefighters.
  • Earmolds are also available in a wide variety of clear, translucent and opaque skin tones.
  • Construction: Carpenters, equipment operators, steelworkers, road builders.
  • Industrial: Factory workers, shop teachers, supervisors, printshops.
  • Medical and Dental: Dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, surgeons.
  • Athletics: Athletes and coaches.
  • Music Education: Instructors and students of school bands.

The Solution: Westone Musicians' Earplugs and Monitors

Custom-Fit Musicians' Earplugs (#49)
The earplug of choice for the working musician or concert goer.

Single Driver Custom In-Ear Musicians' Monitors (ES1)
Professional quality custom-fit solution for the entry-level musician.

Dual Driver Custom In-Ear Musicians' Monitors (ES2)
Custom-fit, 2-way design provides excellent low frequency response with sizzling highs.

Three-Way In-Ear Musicians' Monitors (ES3)
The world's first true 3-way in-ear musicians monitor provides the ultimate clarity required for live performances.

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