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Im mule-headed. A stickler. A real fanatic. I crave accurate sound. Insist on it, in fact. No matter where I am. No matter what Im doing. My friends say my ear must be one of a kind. And I guess it is. I demand complete clarity. Always. So I make a point of listening To one-of-a-kind custom listening solutions from Westone.

Are You Listening

Insistent about sound quality and fidelity? Even in your CD player or MP3 player? Then insist on custom-fit earpieces from Westone. You see, the earbuds that came with your personal sound system simply dont fit your ears well enough to convey the nuances and range of most music. Westone custom-fit earpieces are made from direct impressions of your own ear. So they fit. Exactly. Combine this remarkable fit with the latest technology and you hear powerful bass, brilliant highs and the universe in between. Ah, nirvanaand because Westone custom earpieces fit your ears exactly, you can listen comfortably for hours as they stay securely in place even if youre working out. See your authorized Westone Music Products Dealer and ask about our custom listening solutions.

Youll want to listen.

Westone Music Products is a division of Westone Laboratories, Inc., The In-Ear Experts

Westone Laboratories has over forty-five years of unparalleled knowledge and experience with the human ear. With over eight million custom products made, our experience and skill are unsurpassed. In addition, Westone has been at the forefront of in-ear products for musicians and audiophiles since the early 1990s, specializing in both custom and universal fit musicians monitors and earpieces.

With a custom earmold or monitor from Westone, your i-Pod, MP3 or personal CD player is capable of providing you with the incredible sound quality you deserve.

  • Westone 26. A custom earpiece designed specifically for earbud-style drivers. They give the end user a custom fit, increase comfort and clarity, but are not recommended for
    use as in-ear monitors.
  • Westone 7. A custom earpiece recommended when the ear is too small to use a Westone 26.
  • Westone 56. A custom sleeve designed to work with the Westone UM1' and UM2' and many other generic fit in-ear monitors, adding greater comfort and security.
  • Elite Series.' For professional musicians or the serious audiophile, the Elite Series' of custom-fit musicians monitors are built to exacting standards, providing up to 25dB of ambient noise separation. Provides exceptional clarity withsparkling highs, smooth mids and rich low-end response.

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