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Fight to Save the Hearing of U.S. Industrial Workers Enters New Phase

HCI to distribute revolutionary SONOMAX SOLUTION' at worksites across America

MONTREAL, Canada/PRNewswire/ - There's new hope today for millions of American industrial workers slowly going deaf from toxic noise and ineffective hearing protection in their work environments.

Chicago-based Health Conservation Inc., North America's largest provider of mobile hearing conservation services, has become the first U.S. distributor of the revolutionary SONOMAX SOLUTION' hearing protection system.

"In nearly half a century in this business, the SONOMAX SOLUTION' is the first technology we have come across that addresses all the challenges of effective hearing protection," said Cynthia Drollinger, President of HCI. "Sonomax has the potential to substantially reduce noised-induced hearing loss in the workplace."

With a suggested retail price competitive with the annual cost of a disposable foam plug program, the SONOMAX SOLUTION', a combination of uniquely designed earplugs and Windows-based support software, breaks new ground with these features:
- Custom fitted hearing protection in minutes
- A reusable earpiece offering unprecedented comfort, easy to wear and
- Enhanced communication in toxic noise through sonic filtering or radio
- On-the spot calibration of each hearing protector to demonstrate and
document functionality

To be effective, hearing protectors require an acoustic seal of the ear, but this is a challenge because every ear is unique. To date, hand crafted, custom molded earplugs have been considered the most effective but these are time-consuming to fit and fabricate.

The SONOMAX SOLUTION ' is a revolutionary breakthrough in that it allows hearing protectors to be custom-fitted at the workplace in minutes. This makes possible the delivery on a mass scale of the most effective hearing protection currently available, a previously unattainable goal. What's more, Sonomax plugs are individually calibrated to screen out toxic noise while permitting communication, through a simple process driven by Sonomax's support software, SONO-PASS'. Comfort and convenience encourage workers to wear the
plugs at all times. Dangerous exposure to toxic noise is known to occur when users remove protection because of discomfort or the need to communicate.

"Our agreement with HCI shows an enormous degree of confidence in our technology and the results we deliver," said Jean Nicolas Laperle, President and COO of Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc.

Noise-induced hearing loss has become the most common occupational injury in North America. The World Health Organization now recognizes toxic noise as a "serious health hazard." The Deafness Research Foundation reports "under-employment and unemployment due to hearing loss cost an estimated $2.5 billion a year, with an additional $2 billion a year in welfare and disability programs."

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders reports that "10 million (Americans) have lost hearing permanently due to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), while another 30 million are at risk."

SOURCE Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc.

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