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Hearing Protection: Prudent At The Big Game Too

Many parents watching the celebratory ending of the big game saw the now iconic moment of a child wearing protective earmuffs to reduce the noise of the stadium cheers. The noise-reduction earmuffs, Peltor branded and made by 3M, are a simple item that any parent can have on hand.

"Parents can protect their children's hearing from loud, noisy environments at home or while traveling by making hearing protection part of any busy family routine."  

Hearing ProtectionThis national moment is a good reminder to parents that there are simple solutions that will protect their children's hearing. Most parents would be surprised to learn that the sounds associated with everyday family activities like going to a sporting event (95-105 decibels), mowing the lawn (90 decibels), driving (up to 88 decibels), or riding a subway or train (90+ decibels) can produce high levels of sound that over time can damage hearing. As adults we get accustomed to hearing these sounds and many times forget that little ears may be more sensitive to the sounds of everyday life.

"Parents can protect their children's hearing from loud, noisy environments at home or while traveling by making hearing protection part of any busy family routine" says Scott Cheek, marketing manager for 3M's hearing products. "Our goal is to make parents aware that teaching their children good hearing protection habits will have a positive impact on their adult hearing."

Earmuffs are also a convenient remedy for those occasions when your child needs a quieter environment to focus on homework, when they are traveling in the car or when mom and dad need some peaceful moments during the day. As experts in hearing protection, 3M has created the Peltor "Kids" and "Junior" earmuffs to have a noise-reduction rating of 22 as measured in accordance with EPA requirements, which means it can reduce the volume of noise by 22 decibels when used properly. 3M makes "Kids" and "Junior" earmuffs under the Peltor brand which are designed for smaller head sizes. The low profile ear cups with liquid-foam filled cushions are comfortable for extended periods of wear. The padded, adjustable headband provides a comfortable and custom fit.

The Peltor "Kids" and "Junior" earmuffs are priced between $15 and $25. The "Kids" model is available in pink and blue and the "Junior" version is offered in black - as seen around the world during the big game. These products are available at mass retail stores and online sites such as www.Amazon.com and www.EarPlugStore.com.

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