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Effects of Noise: Give Your Body A Break

There are many definitions of “noise”. The acoustic experts define noise as “complex sound waves that are aperiodic, in other words, sound waves with irregular vibrations and no definite pitch.” 

Engineers define noise as “ a signal that interferes with the detection of or quality of another signal.” And then there are specialists who study the impact noise has on our humanity – our humanness. The study of psychology and sound, aka, psychoacoustics defines noise as “any unwanted sound.” 

You can analyze those three definitions and they all have something in common. Noise isn’t good. It interferes with our ability to hear sounds of higher “quality.” We all define noise differently, but we can agree on two basic facts: noise is unwanted and we live in a noisy world. 

The fact is that noise is the most widespread form of pollution we have. And noise affects the entire body. According to the World Health Organization: 

  • Noise increases blood pressure and the louder the noise the higher the increase. 
  • Noise intensifies the effects of drugs, alcohol, aging and lethal carbon monoxide. 
  • Noise alters the heartbeat itself, and not for the better, btw. 
  • Noise increases breathing rate, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. 
  • Noise disturbs digestion. 
  • Noise can cause upset stomach, ulcers, acid reflux and other stomach ailments. 
  • Noise can lead to pre-mature childbirth. 
  • Noise contributes to insomnia, even when the noise has stopped. 
  • Noise contributes to irritability, impatience and other blood-pressure-boosting emotions. 

However, you can enjoy healthy hearing for a long, long time, if you take steps to protect your hearing and protect yourself from other side effects of unwanted noise. 

To learn more about environment noise exposure and how to protect yourself from hearing loss and other unwanted side effects of noise, visit: Noise That Surrounds – Is it Harmful to Hearing?

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