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Siemens Pioneers the World's First Three Directional Microphone Hearing Aid

New TRIANO Product Minimizes Hearing Effort, Improves Speech Understanding in Noise

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey - Siemens Hearing Solutions, a subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions, today introduced TRIANO', the newest generation of digital hearing aids offering the world's first three-microphone directional technology. TRIANO was designed to reduce hearing effort and maximize speech understanding in noisy environments, two of the most important challenges hearing aid users face.

"We estimate that 15 percent of the hearing impaired wear hearing aids. This is a significant number when you consider there are more than 28 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss," said Dr. Thomas A. Powers, director of Audiology and Strategic Development at Siemens Hearing Solutions. He explains: "Our commitment to developing advanced technologies to improve the lives of the hearing impaired is evidenced by our increasing investment each year in R&D. This is only the first of many expected improvements we hope to bring to the market."

All TRIANO hearing aids are developed with the Speech Comfort System' offering the following benefits:

Automatic Situation Detection - Each individual's listening ability is unique. Those with complete ability to hear depend on the inner ear and auditory portion of the brain to help identify a listening situation. Conversely, those with hearing loss depend on hearing aids. The Automatic Situation Detection analyzes the individual's listening situation automatically by detecting incoming speech signals.
Signal Optimization - This system minimizes the individual's listening effort by classifying the situation into one of many common types of listening situations. The environment's sounds are then processed in a 16-channel signal processing system to enhance speech and reduce noise specifically for that situation. TRIANO hearing aids adjust to the listening environment within one automatic program eliminating the need for the individual to manually switch programs.
Automatic Directional Microphone - The system automatically engages the advanced directional microphone technology to increase an individual's understanding of speech in difficult, noisy situations. The system automatically amplifies sounds coming from the person in front of the individual wearing a TRIANO hearing aid, while minimizing the competing signals from behind, or around them.

Research has proven that directional microphones improve speech understanding in many different types of noisy situations. Siemens is the only company currently able to offer TriMic' three-microphone directional technology to maximize speech understanding by providing the highest degree of directional improvement available today.

TriMic is only available on the TRIANO 3 BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aid. Other TRIANO hearing aids utilize the proven TwinMic' two-microphone directional system from Siemens to improve speech understanding in noisy situations. TwinMic picks up sounds directly in front of the individual or sounds coming from all directions.

Even if the noise moves or changes its direction, both TriMic and TwinMic's adaptive directionality follows the source of noise and adjusts automatically so that speech is understood at its best.

Available in all styles from the smallest micro CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) to a super power BTE (Behind-the-Ear), TRIANO offers a complete family of hearing solutions for all degrees of hearing loss for people of all ages.

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