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Songbird' Disposable Hearing Aid Joins The Digital Age; World's First Disposable Hearing Aid Now Offers Digital Sound Quality

CRANBURY, N.J./PRNewswire/ -- Songbird Hearing Inc., the company that introduced the world's first disposable hearing aid last fall, announced another technological innovation -- Songbird' Disposable Hearing Aids are now digital.

The new Songbird Digital Disposable Hearing Aid will offer the same convenient advantages of the original Songbird Disposable Hearing Aid -- it will provide users with an affordable solution to their hearing problems that is comfortable, always state-of-the-art and easy to maintain, since no repairs or battery replacements are necessary. The major difference is the additional benefit of crisp, clear digital sound using hearing aid technology considered to be among the most advanced available today. High quality digital sound is the "gold standard" of the hearing aid industry.

Songbird Hearing's proprietary digital integrated circuit is produced by Texas Instruments, one of the company's technology partners.

There are 31 million North Americans with hearing loss, yet only about five million wear hearing aids. The rest opt to live with their hearing loss rather than purchase a traditional hearing aid, due to their high cost, high maintenance and, often, poor sound quality.

Songbird Digital, like the company's original product, is designed to help those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. This high-tech hearing aid's modern image, disposability and ease of use make it particularly appealing to Baby Boomers, who comprise a large percentage of the hearing impaired population. With many years left before retirement, those in the 45- to 64-year-old age range report that their unaided hearing losses are making it more difficult to cope in the workplace.

"The introduction of breakthrough digital technology paired with the innovation of the Songbird Disposable Hearing Aid will be a tremendous asset to the hearing impaired population," says Fred Fritz, president and CEO of Songbird Hearing Inc. "It's the perfect solution for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Songbird Digital offers the highest sound quality available today in a hearing aid that is comfortable, easy to use and eliminates the hassles associated with traditional hearing aids. It appeals to the millions of people who have been reluctant to try traditional hearing aids, or who have tried them and found them to be an unsatisfactory solution."

Digital technology is typically found in hearing aids costing $2,000 to $3,000 each. Songbird Digital has a suggested retail price of $79 per hearing aid, and lasts 70 days when used 10 hours per day.

"About a dollar per day for digital sound quality will motivate large numbers of people with hearing loss to try hearing aids for the first time. For that price, why not try Songbird?" asks Fritz.

The patented sound system found in Songbird Digital provides sound quality equal to or better than many digital hearing aids that cost much, much more - yet its disposability makes it more convenient than any other hearing aid on the market. It can be fit in one visit to a hearing professional, and it never needs battery changes or repairs. Songbird Digital Disposable Hearing Aids are simply worn for 70 days and then replaced with a fresh new hearing aid. Songbird Digital is also cosmetically acceptable -- it is sized to fit discreetly and comfortably in the ear canal.

To learn more about the Songbird Digital Disposable Hearing Aid or to find a hearing professional who offers Songbird near you, please visit our Web site at www.songbirdhearing.com.

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