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Hearing Aids Shown to Improve Quality of Life

It is a well-known fact that untreated hearing loss can result in a diminished quality of life. Hearing aids, however, can and do have a positive impact not only on the hearing itself, but also on the overall physical and mental health.

That is the conclusion of various international scientific studies carried out in recent years, including research conducted in the United States, Italy, and Finland. All these studies demonstrate that many people suffering from untreated hearing loss shy away from social activities or interactions with family and friends, resulting in feelings of inferiority, embarrassment, isolation, and depression.

The use of hearing aids, however, leads to considerable benefits such as better communication skills and cognitive function, greater self-confidence, better overall health, more frequent participation in social activities, better personal relationships, and a more balanced emotional state.

Even people who may not have initially realized - or refused to admit - that they were suffering from diminished hearing, saw a significant improvement in their hearing ability, as well as in their quality of life, with the use of hearing devices.

The improvement, scientists and hearing health professionals say, is experienced by people with all levels of hearing loss, be it mild, moderate or severe.

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