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Personal Communication Assistant: Meet Phonaks Audo

During a recent interview with Dr. David Fabry, VP of Professional Relations and Education at Phonak, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality hearing devices, Audiology Onlines Editor, Dr. Paul Dybala got an earful on the happenings at Phonak.

The Phonak Personal Communication Assistant (PCA)

Phonak doesnt even call its Audo a hearing aid. Its called a Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) because it can handle so many more tasks than the typical hearing aid with which were all familiar.

Hearing device users now expect multi-functionality from their PCAs functions that enable cell phone use and the use of other Internet-capable devices that form our contemporary communications network. There are so many different ways to receive information today that hearing manufacturers, like Phonak, are leading the way in the development of devices that adapt to a wide range of information delivery systems.

As Dr. Fabry explained, As soon as you call something a hearing aid it conjures an image in people's minds that is not always positive. What we're appealing to is that younger, edgier generation. This is merely to create an image that isnt attached to such a negative connotation; unfortunately with hearing aids, that is the image that we are dealing with.

Increased functionality to seamlessly connect to the communications grid is just one of the advancements made at Phonak and other quality hearing device manufacturers.

Amplification with Attitude

Phonak, like many other hearing aid manufacturers, is removing the stigma so long associated with hearing aids by changing the look, feel and technology that make up these mini-computers for the ears. Phonak offers a rainbow array of colors for their devices colors that say Hey, look at me. I wear a hearing aid and Im proud of it. Hello baby boomers. Remember, if it feels good, do it. And it just feels good to stop hiding hearing aids and start drawing attention to them. It works with eyeglasses, why not hearing aids?

Phonaks Dr. Fabry stated in the interview that these high-gloss, gleaming hearing devices are targeted directly at the baby boomer generation. This tie-dyed, feather boa generation isnt going to be satisfied with a plain vanilla hearing aid so lets add some color, dude. Yeah, I wear a hearing aid. Check it out it. Forest Green, same color as my Volvo.

Dr. Fabry calls Phonaks hearing devices amplification with attitude perfect for the generation that invented attitude.

Theres a lot going on at Phonak besides increased communications functions and wild colors so check it out. Youre going to like what you hear.

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