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Vivatone Takes Entr To New Level With Entr Plus

Introduced at AAA 2007, Entr Plus' represents another major advance in Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) technology, offering a significantly expanded fitting range, ultra lightweight design, unmatched cosmetic appeal, superior comfort and exceptional clarity of sound.

There are five new Entr Plus' hearing devices in the product line, including a new entry level directional microphone model. PowerSet', a new high fidelity receiver unit that, when combined with VivaMold', expands the fitting range of Entr Plus' to (80dB 90dB) at 500Hz to 8000Hz. The PowerSet' allows to fit a wider range of patients, including those with severe hearing loss. It can also provide, in future years, additional gain without feedback to accommodate deteriorating hearing losses, making Entr Plus extremely versatile.
With Entr Plus comes new exciting software upgrades which allow the Entr Plus 450 to be programmed for a T-loop setting with an inductive loop connected to the patients TV or any other source of audio. It makes for peace in the family when watching TV because with the loop system, it is unnecessary to turn the TV set up beyond a comfort level for other family members, and still provides crisp, clear sound for the Vivatone wearer.

Another software option is called Tinnitus for patients who complain of occasional tinnitus and also have a hearing loss. It is not a substitute for a full tinnitus program, but it works well for patients who have mild or intermittent tinnitus.

For more information, visit www.vivatone.com.

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