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Hearing Aid Manufacturers Appeal to Baby Boomers

From the time they were born between 1945 and 1965, baby boomers have had an impact on everything from international politics to music to the foods we eat. Today, as the first wave of these one-time, long-haired, marchers/activists/rebels approach retirement age, hearing aid manufacturers are gearing up to meet the expected and unprecedented demand for hearing aids.

Back in the day, boomers spent countless hours listening to Hendrix and the Stones (yes, those Stones) at such loud levels that many are experiencing hearing loss at an earlier age. In fact, one in six baby boomers have some measurable hearing loss, though this is one generation that isnt going to admit it and age gracefully. No way, man.

Are the members of the generation that invented head-banging-heavy-metal ever going to admit that they need a hearing device? They will when they see what hearing aid manufacturers have come up with.

Using digital technology, these devices have become smaller and more sophisticated with smart directionality to isolate sound within a noise-filled environment, and sound boosts to only specific frequencies, customizing each device to the wearers individual needs.

Hearing Aids as Fashion Statements?

In addition to making hearing aids smaller, Oticon has designed a hearing aid thats actually a fashion accessory. Small, attractive, available in over a dozen outrageous colors and patterns, Oticons Delta isnt intended to be hidden. When boomers don a Sunset Orange wedge-shaped Delta behind the ear, they are definitely making a fashion statement. No more hiding the hardware.

According to Oticons Gordon Wilson, VP of Marketing, the Delta was designed to appeal to all ages. Kids love them and so do many of our customers in their 70s and 80s, according to Wilson. Go, Granny, go!

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