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Unitron Releases Web Version of AntiShock' and Speech Enhancement LD' Demo

Unitron has recently released an online demonstration of Elements unique Anti-Shock' and Speech Enhancement' features. AntiShock' instantly identifies and minimizes sudden impulse sounds, such as the abrupt slamming of a door, without eliminating or making the sounds unrecognizable, independent of gain and MPO strategies. In addition, AntiShock' is able to distinguish undesirable from desirable sounds so that speech is not impaired, and is featured in all three Element instruments. This feature is the breakthrough innovation that eliminates the discomfort of sudden impulse sounds while preserving speech.

Speech Enhancement' improves speech clarity and the ease of listening. In the Element 16 or 8, Speech Enhancement' identifies speech in the listening situation and increases gain in any of the bands where speech is the dominant signal. With Speech Enhancement LD' (level dependent) greater gain increases are applied to softer speech inputs than to louder ones. This is ideal for clients who interact in a wide variety of listening environments.

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