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Siemens New Intuis' Hearing Instruments Deliver Features that Consumers Want - At an Affordable Price

Performance, Reliability, Comfort, Simplicity in Fitting, and Affordability Make the New Model an Intuitive Solution

Piscataway, New Jersey, January 15, 2007 With value- and feature-conscious consumers in mind, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. today announced the introduction of its latest family of hearing solutions -- INTUIS' -- hearing instruments with more features than any other in their class. INTUIS offers a directional microphone system, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, AutoPhone, Nanocoating, and Siemens revolutionary C-Guard', a wax protection system that prevents moisture, cerumen and debris from entering the instrument. And it offers all this at an attractive price.

We designed the new INTUIS product line to bundle as many sought-after features as possible, to make them standard on most models and to package the entire line as affordably as we could, said Dr. Thomas Powers, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations at Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. We know that many of our consumers need and want those attributes and now we have documented them in an important national survey.


What the Siemens Survey Showed

The new national Siemens Hearing Instruments survey, conducted last month, revealed the vast majority of hearing instrument wearers are looking for affordability as a major factor in their decision-making. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed ranked affordability as important in selecting a specific instrument ; and 85 percent say it is important that the instrument represents a good value for the money. Forty-three percent reported that they delayed their purchase of a hearing instrument because of cost.

Siemens Hearing Instruments Launches INTUIS

Consumers want an array of features, the survey showed, including protection against dirt and moisture (73%), noise reduction in noisy environments (84%), and telephone compatibility (75%). The new INTUIS behind-the-ear (BTE) line is sleek and ergonomic with housings tailored to the natural shape of the ear. Ultra-thin LifeTubes and soft non-occluding LifeTips accompany INTUIS Life (open-fit behind-the-ear model) for maximum cosmetic appeal. INTUIS BTEs come in a wide range of shades to match skin and hair, as well as a variety of colors. And the complete custom line-up includes an almost invisible in-the-ear Micro-CIC' model with more power than ever before.

For Hearing Care Professionals, Siemens easy-to-use interface, CONNEXX' software, makes all programming parameters clearly accessible with a focus on simplicity, easy and efficient navigation, and a logical workflow-based structure. CONNEXX clear architecture empowers audiologists to perform quick, successful fittings and produce satisfied hearing instrument wearers right from the start.

Advanced Technology with Features Customers Want

For consumers, the INTUIS line-up of features includes directional microphone technology, the only technology that has been shown to improve speech understanding in noisy environments. It also features feedback cancellation, once available only in premium hearing instruments, that eliminates feedback without affecting sound quality. Siemens has also integrated noise reduction technology in all models to create more comfort in noisy situations such as the steady-state sounds of a humming air conditioner or traffic.

INTUIS extras include some other consumer-friendly custom features like C-Guard, a thin membrane-like barrier on custom instruments that seals off the receiver while protecting it from cerumen, moisture and dirt. INTUIS Nanocoating, a special treatment for the BTE housings, repels perspiration, moisture and debris.

The AutoPhone option provides INTUIS BTE wearers with telecoils that are automatically engaged when the wearer uses a hearing instrument-compatible phone. With AutoPhone, when the phone is moved away from the ear, the instrument automatically returns to the microphone mode. AutoPhone can be used with both mobile and cordless phones by using a magnet accessory.

From technological features to its cosmetically appealing look, we designed every detail of INTUIS to outdo all other solutions in its class, Dr. Powers said. The new family of hearing solutions offers great performance, reliability, comfort and then some.

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