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SeboTek Announces Launch of it's Newest Thin Tube Digital Hearing Instrument

Premium Voice-Q 721 leads the PAC in design and technology

Tulsa, OK (Oct. 26, 2006) SeboTek Hearing Systems has announced the launch of its newest hearing instrument, the PAC Voice-Q 721. A premium-level device, the Voice-Q 721 leads a multiple-model line-up of thin tube digital hearing instruments offered by SeboTek, all designed to eliminate the traditional challenges associated with most other hearing instruments and focus on what matters most to the end user: superior sound quality, comfort and cosmetic appeal.

The Voice-Q 721 will be available for purchase beginning November 1.

This hearing instrument is truly state-of-the-art. The platform on which it is built is extremely powerful, and will allow for future enhancements and new product development second to none, said SeboTek President, Jim Feeley.

At the heart of Voice-Q 721 is an advanced digital sound processorphysically the smallest in the industrycapable of processing a massive 42 million instructions per second, compared to only 3 to 4 million in most other premium digital hearing instruments.

From a feature perspective, the Voice-Q 721 is also incomparable. Among its premium features are:

  • IntelliSound' 128 Channel Adaptive Noise Reduction,
  • AFX' Adaptive Feedback Eliminator, and
  • Ultra-Wideband Dual Directionality.

IntelliSound, SeboTeks Adaptive Noise Reduction feature, analyzes noise levels in 128 individual channels, compared to other premium devices that typically monitor only 16 channels, and it does so across a frequency response range from 100 Hz to 14,000 Hz. Together with advanced psychoacoustic modeling, IntelliSound automatically eliminates audible noise and reduces distortion without unnecessary signal manipulation. The benefit to the wearer is clearer, superior sound without the loss of important speech or other sound signals.

AFX', SeboTeks Adaptive Feedback Eliminator, is a premium feature that combines InFocus design, frequency smoothing and adaptive feedback cancellation to eliminate feedback without the wearer ever being aware feedback was present. While the PACs patented design virtually eliminates feedback, in rare instances where very large gain requirements, canal anomalies, or other lifestyle situations may cause feedback, AFX clearly takes the lead, without degrading audio quality.

SeboTeks Ultra-Wideband Dual Directionality also takes the effectiveness of directional microphone technology to an entirely new level. The Voice-Q 721s advanced design and technology provides up to 20 dB of useable attenuation in the low frequencies, below 500 Hz, where most noise is present. And with the devices ultra-wideband frequency range from 100 Hz to 14,000 Hz, wearers experience high fidelity, full spectrum, natural sound unlike that available from other devices that may only extend as far as 6-8,000 Hz.

Other premium features include multi-channel compression, 16 frequency shaping controls (including an 8 band graphic equalizer), programmable power on delay, four customizable memories, large dynamic range (input 95 dB; output 83 dB), and more.

In addition to the Voice-Q 721, SeboTek also recently announced the release of Pro-VES 4.7' with InFocus' Lifestyles' software designed to be simple and intuitive, making fitting fast and efficient for both the practitioner and patient, and leaving more time for counseling and patient care.

About SeboTek Hearing Systems LLC.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., SeboTek Hearing Systems manufactures and distributes the PACTM, the first-ever thin tube receiver-in-the-ear hearing instrument. The PACs exclusive InFocus' approach totally integrates SeboTeks advanced patented design and leading-edge technology to provide an extremely discreet same session fitting that is clinically proven to eliminate occlusion effect. The PAC fits hearing loss from a mild, high frequency hearing loss to a flat severe-to-profound hearing loss, and everything in between. It is available in multiple models to meet a wide range of consumer preferences and budgetary considerations.

SeboTek launched the PAC style hearing instrument in 2003, and its products continue to gain wide-spread acceptance throughout the U.S. and around the world. For more information about SeboTek and its products, call 1.800.388.9041 or log on to www.sebotek.com.

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