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Phonak Unveils a Masterpiece of Hearing Performance

Savia Art introduces a new level of performance and intelligence with world-first technology

Stfa, Switzerland (October, 2006) Built on the industrys most powerful and versatile chipset, Phonak is introducing Savia Art, a new high-end hearing system packed with breakthrough innovation. An extensive series of world-first features brings natural intelligence to the Savia Art instruments, presenting wearers with a hearing system that is fully personalized to meet their lifestyle needs. The innovation palette includes sophisticated, new features such as SoundRelax, Self Learning and NoWhistle Technology, all available in a total of 12 different models. This means that there is a Savia Art model for all types of hearing loss and cosmetic tastes. The new fitting tool AudiogramDirect enables the hearing health care professional to measure the clients hearing loss with their Savia Art instrument, providing accurate results without the need of additional equipment.

com_pic_art.jpgCreating a natural hearing experience

The Savia Art authentic sound experience is possible only through the unique combination of SoundRelax and Real Ear Sound. With SoundRelax, Savia Art achieves totally new levels of authentic sound quality, by effectively addressing the management of transient impulse noises at all input levels. No other hearing system has ever mastered everyday sounds such as the emptying of a dishwasher, or turning the pages of a newspaper, more competently. The unique SoundRelax technology in Savia Art successfully removes the annoyance factor from impulse noise, making hearing far less stressful and tiring for the wearer.

A key aspect of an authentic sound experience is the ability to determine the source of sounds, this is essential to natural orientation. The exclusive and proven Real Ear Sound feature enables accurate sound localization by simulating the performance characteristics of the outer ear. The result is restored ability to enjoy natural, all-round sound perception.

New as well as experienced users will greatly appreciate the Savia Art world of sound.

savia_1106.gifPersonalized intelligence

Savia Art is able to learn and remember wearers individual volume preferences in their different listening situations while in the automatic mode. Self Learning, thanks to the unique multi-program approach, offers a true convenience enhancement to both hearing care professionals and users. Wearers appreciate the intelligent ability of Self Learning to learn and apply their personal loudness preferences, automatically. Fitters and wearers appreciate the reduced need for repeat visits. And for ultimate fitting convenience, the familiar iPFG fitting software allows full transparency by showing exactly what changes have been applied.

The perfect tool for all hearing needs

While a hammer is excellent for driving nails into the wall, it cannot effectively fix a leaky faucet. By the same token, an automatic hearing system based on a single program cannot optimally handle multiple listening situations. That is why Phonak pioneered and perfected the intelligent, multi-program automatic function AutoPilot. Its six individual programs cover all key listening situations calm situations, noisy situations with or without speech present, listening to music and using the telephone or an FM system.

The effectiveness of the AutoPilot is enhanced by the most powerful combination of noise reduction tools available. The groundbreaking NoWhistle Technology sets new standards by introducing effective multi-level and multi-channel feedback management, suppressing feedback while maintaining optimal sound quality. Further unique innovations such as digital SurroundZoom, EchoBlock and dual-step Wind Noise Management eliminate annoying environmental noise.

The palette of possibilities

Savia Art is the most complete high-end line of hearing instruments available, including two micro styles, tiny CICs and a choice of high power solutions. Savia Art features the most complete range of microBTE styles, microSavia Art CRT (Canal Receiver Technology) and microSavia Art. microSavia Art CRT offers the acoustic advantages of an external receiver while the versatile microSavia Art, with slim tube or standard earhook options, flexibly adapts to clients changing needs. This palette has been specially created to bring new levels of satisfaction to a very wide spectrum of needs and preferences, including degree and configuration of hearing loss and cosmetic tastes. Savia Art offers a combination of sophisticated algorithms and versatile sound delivery options, such as the choice of slim or standard tubes that can be fit both open and closed, the closed dome solution extends the Savia Art slim fitting range by 10 dB.

Personalized pre-calculation with AudiogramDirect

With AudiogramDirect, Savia Art offers an intelligent fitting tool. It enables measurement of the clients hearing loss, using their designated hearing instrument, thus taking into consideration their personal acoustics and the properties of the hearing instrument. The test is fast and efficient and the results support a precise and personalized pre-calculation, resulting in an increased spontaneous user acceptance. AudiogramDirect also enables the fitter easy off-site hearing loss measurement, when needed.

About Phonak

The Phonak Group (SWX: PHBN), headquartered in Stfa, Switzerland, specializes in the design, development, production and global distribution of technologically advanced wireless and hearing systems. As one of the top technology companies in the industry worldwide and with a global staff of over 3,400 employees, Phonak is a major player in the hearing health care market. By combining its expertise in hearing technology with a strong distribution network in over 70 countries, Phonak, along with its customers and business partners, contributes significantly to the quality of life of many people worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.phonak.com

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