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Unitron Hearing Extends its Unison' Series Offering More Choice in Affordable Digital

Unitron Hearing is building on the success of their established Unison' product line. Unison 6, 3 and Essential will provide more choice and features to fit more clients with affordable digital.


The new Unison series consists of three unique models with multiple processing strategies to fit the widest range of hearing losses, lifestyles, and budgets. Offering unparalleled value in its category, Unison incorporates features and options typically available only in higher priced hearing instruments.

Unison 6 with the choice of 4 processing strategies in three programs provides maximum flexibility to customize. Ideal for clients with active lifestyles, Unison 6 also has an adaptive feedback canceller to improve comfort in more listening situations.

Unison 3 with the choice of 2 processing strategies in three programs provides fitting flexibility, while the multiband feedback manager helps eliminate fit-related feedback. Unison 3 is recommended for wearers who are exposed to fewer listening environments.

Unison Essential with Digital WDRC is suitable for budget-conscious clients and those making the transition from analog instruments.

Unison is available in a full range of shell styles from Power BTE to CIC and with Unitron Hearings latest digital wireless CROS/BiCROS solution, WiFi Mic.

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