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ImpaCt Xp is the first software expandable line of DSP hearing instruments with Digital Frequency Compression.

Whats special about a software expandable DSP?

Older generation digital hearing aids could perform many tasks but their performances
could never be upgraded. To access new algorithms, (i.e. new technology) a new hearing aid had to be purchased.

In contrast, ImpaCt Xps software expandable
DSP can be upgraded again and again by simply receiving new software. This makes ImpaCt Xp the ideal solution for lifes changes.

Why Digital Frequency Compression?

The importance of hearing high frequency speech sounds, particularly the /s/ is described by Dr. Mark Ross, noted Audiologist and experienced hearing aid user: The /s/ sound ordinarily contains acoustic energy which begins around 3,000 4,000Hz and extends past 8,000Hz. Not only do conventional hearing aids not amplify these same frequencies, but the hearing loss of most people is typically poorer at these same frequencies. In other words, the hearing loss is most severe at frequencies where hearing aids are least able to amplify. And, what makes the situation worse, at least as far as the /s/ is concerned, is that the phoneme conveys more grammatical information than any other sound in the English language (think about plurals, third
person singular, contractions, etc.)

What's special about Digital Frequency

ImpaCt Xp offers individuals with high frequency hearing loss something not available in other digital instruments, Digital Frequency Compression. A patented technology, Digital
Frequency Compression, moves high frequency speech sounds like s, t, f, sh to lower frequencies where hearing is typically better.

Digital Frequency Compression together with ImpaCt Xps 17 band advanced signal processing, Voice Clarity speech emphasis,
noise reduction and feedback suppression ensure comfort, audibility and improved speech understanding.

ImpaCt Xp Custom Options

In-The-Ear (ITE) instruments offer high power and long battery life. Optional features include digital dual-directional microphones and a powered telecoil.


In-The-Canal (ITC) instruments are discreet, loaded with features and include optional digital volume control, multi-program switch and powered telecoil.


Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) instruments are virtually invisible yet packed with the same powerful DSP.


To find the name of an ImpaCt Xp Fitting Center near you, please contact Sonovation at 800-462-8336 or visit Sonovation at www.avrsono.com.

Sonovation, Inc.
7636 Executive Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Tel (952) 934-3111
Fax (952) 934-3033
Toll Free (800) 462-8336

Sonovation Europe Sprl
Avenue Joseph Wybran 40, Anderlecht
(1070 Brussel), Belgium
Tel + 32 2 529 59 20
Fax + 32 2 529 59 21

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