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SmartLinkTM SX: The Gateway to Communication

Phonak Introduces e-version of their SmartLink Brochure, the new benchmark in FM communication.

The new benchmark in FM communication

SmartLink SX is the first communication device to

  • Advanced FM features
  • Hearing Instrument remote control
  • A Bluetooth link for cell phone use

Threefold solutions in one instrument!

SmartLink is the communication gateway to all situations where understanding perfectly the first time round is paramount.

The pace of todays world makes ever-increasing demands on communication. Tools such as mobile phones, voice mail systems and video-conferencing are standard in most work environments. Keeping abreast of new developments can be a daunting task for people with normal hearing. Those with hearing loss face an even greater challenge when trying to benefit from the communication capability offered by the latest technology.

Besides the need for outstanding communication capabilities with high-tech devices, people with hearing loss need to understand conversations as well as normal hearing individuals, even in the most challenging listening situations. These include noisy environments, rooms with a large reverberation or conversing over distance.

Even todays state-of-the-art hearing instruments do not offer access to all high-tech communication tools or to effective communication in difficult listening situations. People with hearing loss often are at a huge disadvantage. The more high-tech or demanding the communication environment becomes, the greater the disadvantage. Participation in business meetings, video-conferences and the use of cell phones quickly become out of bounds for even the most sophisticated hearing instruments.

SmartLink, based on Phonak breakthrough digital FM synthesizer technology, now enables people with a hearing impairment and those with normal hearing to use the same communication tools with equal effectiveness. SmartLink is a communication gateway to all situations where understanding perfectly, all of the time, is key. The unique innovation, SmartLink, meets the needs of people with hearing loss, giving them access to effective communication in difficult situations and to the many advantages off modern communication tools, via one device.

SmartLinkTM a world of communication in one instrument

Smart signal processing
For the first time in the industry, SmartLink combines all of the verified advantages of digital signal processing strategies with the proven Phonak miniaturized MicroLink technology.
SmartLink the gateway to crystal-clear sound quality

Smart calling
Integrated Bluetooth technology in SmartLink enables a bi-directional digital link between wearers hearing instruments and their Bluetooth cellular phones.
SmartLink the gateway to Bluetooth technology

Smart connections to all audio sources
Any external audio input or an external microphone
signal can be transmitted wirelessly via SmartLink to the hearing instrument, simply by attaching to the smart interface.
SmartLink the gateway to the world of sound

The heartbeat of communication

Smart control
The remote control enables discrete control of all the hearing instruments functions from program selection and volume control, through to full FM control.
SmartLink the gateway to wearer control

Smart digital synthesizer technology
Multiple FM systems now can be used in one location without interference due to user frequency management, powered by the unique Phonak digital synthesizer technology.
SmartLink the gateway to all-round communication

Smart FM transmission
The proven Phonak FM technology clearly transmits all incoming auditory signals from SmartLink to the receiver attached to the users hearing instrument.
SmartLink the gateway to understanding

View PDF Brochure for more detailed information on SmartLinkTM SX.

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