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Two new digital product lines from Phonak: Maxx and Amio

The new value in digital technology

Warrenville, IL, July 2003 - MAXX and Amio, two new lines of hearing instruments from Phonak, offer affordable access to the latest digital technology. Based on three decades of experience in providing communication solutions to people with hearing loss, Phonak has integrated its knowledge and expertise into two new lines of hearing instruments in the entry-level segment. MAXX and Amio are committed to providing wearers with excellent sound quality and value, without compromise.

MAXX: A new line of digital BTE instruments

The MAXX line includes two digital behind-the-ear models: MAXX 211 and MAXX 311 Forte. Both models offer six channel digital signal processing and a digital noise canceler. The digital Wide Dynamic Range Compression (dWDRC) processing strategy automatically ensures the correct gain in relation to the loudness of the incoming sound, reducing the need to use the volume control. MAXX also integrates "soft squelch" to eliminate microphone noise and other potentially irritating ambient sounds. The proven Phonak digital Noise Canceler automatically reduces disturbing environmental noise that can affect speech intelligibility. Also, since feedback can cause wearers to lose confidence in a new instrument very quickly, MAXX contains the patented, easy-to-use fast feedback management technology from Phonak. This innovation reduces feedback within a fraction of a second to preserve audibility.

Phonak is committed to providing hearing instrument wearers with convenient, practical solutions. MAXX has an extended battery life with very low battery drain. Warning beep signals indicate when the battery is low. MAXX also has a range of features to make it a good choice for children. The volume control can be deactivated to resist inquisitive fingers and the battery compartment is secure. The compact size and small hooks bring comfort for wearers with the smallest ears.

MAXX is fully compatible with all Phonak FM products and has standard audio input. The BTE instruments also come in a range of bright colors.

Amio: A new line of digital ITE/ITC/CIC instruments

The Amio line includes two models of custom instruments: Amio 11 CIC and Amio 22 ITE/ITC. Both models offer standard 5 channel digital signal processing. When ordering, choose the signal processor that best suits the client (digital WDRC, digital SuperCompression or digital Limiting). The choice of signal processor lets the professional choose whether to emphasize comfort with a WDRC strategy, the clean sound quality of SuperCompression or the added perception of volume of output limiting. Amio also has a standard feedback control system that is fast, easy to program and effective.

In order to make sure every client gets the features that they need while still making the hearing instruments affordable, Amio is available with several options. Better hearing in background noise is a priority for all hearing aid wearers, regardless of their budget. For this reason, the Amio 22 has an optional miniZoom directional microphone. Multiple listening programs are standard when the miniZoom directional microphone is ordered, or can be added separately. In order to reduce distracting environmental noise, a digital noise canceler can be added.

For more details on the full range of Phonak products visit www.phonak.com.

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