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New Atlas ITE Power and Atlas BTE Direct Make Digital Solutions an Affordable Option for More Users

SOMERSET, NJ - To meet the needs of a growing base of users seeking digital hearing solutions, Oticon, Inc. today introduced two new additions to the successful Atlas family of hearing instruments. New Atlas ITE Power offers an affordable, digital alternative for the thousands of users currently wearing convention power aids. Atlas BTE Direct features optimized dual directional microphone technology in an affordable compact
BTE instrument.

Introduced in August 2002, Atlas instruments are known for their instant user acceptance, fitting flexibility and cosmetically attractive solutions which are available in more styles and with more options than any other instruments in their class. The combination of the right features, price and sound quality to match the needs of mainstream clients has enabled hearing care professionals to open the world of digital hearing to more clients than ever before.

More Power and More Choices
Atlas ITE Power is available in two discreet and attractive sizes: A half shell with a battery size 312 and a full shell version with a battery size 13. With a gain of 49 dB and an MPO of 117 dB SPL (2cc coupler data), the Atlas half shell instrument is as powerful as physically possible in an instrument of its size. Atlas ITE Power fits hearing losses up to 85 dB HL The full shell version offers the most powerful custom solution with a gain of 55 dB and MPO of 124 dB SPL and fits hearing losses up to 90 dB HL.

Digital Directionality at an Affordable Price
Directional microphones are a proven technology when it comes to improving speech understanding in demanding environments. The new Atlas BTE Directional offers directional microphones in a compact BTE instrument. The heart of the instrument is the optimized dual directional microphone technology. Depending on the unique listening situation, the instrument offers a choice of omni-directional and directional modes by simply flipping the switch. The Atlas state-of-the-art directional microphones are also featured in the Atlas ITE Direct instrument, providing a robust and discrete solution for cosmetically conscious users.

Atlas can be fitted using Oticon's easy-to-learn and operate Genie fitting platform or the flexible EasyFit handheld programmer. The integrated Adaptation Manager ensures quick user acceptance without compromising long-term benefits and the fully Automatic Feedback Manager effectively eliminates feedback. Atlas features two channels, four frequency bands and the two most popular rationales, NAL-NL and DSL-i/o, for excellent fitting flexibility.

The Atlas family offers cosmetically attractive solutions and a wide selection of styles and options - from the smallest CICs to the most reliable BTEs in the award-winning shell design.

For more information on Atlas and Oticon please visit: www.atlas.oticonus.com or www.oticonus.com

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