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Siemens Hearing Instruments American Academy of Audiology 2003 Highlights

Siemens has been bringing better hearing to those in need for 125 years. Its vision is about an integrated way of working, thinking and delivering hearing care that meets the needs of professionals and patients. At AAA 2003, Siemens will demonstrate its commitment to its customers and to a future of more advanced hearing solutions.

The newest generation of intuitive, advanced digital hearing solutions, TRIANO offers a family of instruments for all degrees of hearing loss in styles from the smallest Micro-CIC to a SuperPower BTE. TRIANO was designed to reduce hearing effort and maximize speech understanding in noisy environments. All TRIANO hearing instruments include the Speech Comfort System', comprised of Automatic Situation Detection, Signal Optimization and Automatic Directional Microphone. Siemens is the only company able to offer the world's first three directional microphone technology, TriMic'. Other TRIANO instruments utilize the TwinMic', two directional microphone system. Both TwinMic and TriMic can be programmed with automatic activation adaptive directionality so the instruments are able to follow the source of noise and adjust automatically so speech is understood best even if the noise moves or changes direction.

PHOENIX' Pro offers the digital sound quality of the PHOENIX series with the added advantage of programmable controls at an affordable price. The PHOENIX Pro family of hearing instruments consists of the PHOENIX Pro 102 mini BTE and the PHOENIX Pro 2 custom hearing instrument. These hearing instruments include two channel compression, microphone noise reduction, programmable volume control and optional directional microphone for custom ITE, HS and ITC models. Patients can also be fitted using Siemens' CONNEXX' programming software.

Practice Navigator'
Practice Navigator office management software gives Hearing Care Professionals the power to maintain patient records, schedule appointments, market their practice and manage finances and inventory, which streamlines processes and enables them to spend more time with patients. Designed specifically for Hearing Care Professionals, Practice Navigator offers everything needed for efficiently running a Hearing Care practice, as opposed to conventional office management software. The system provides templates for creating purchase agreements, invoices and other essential business reports and forms, as well as marketing materials including personalized postcards, flyers, and letters for prospects or existing patients. Practice Navigator also can help Hearing Care Professionals easily achieve HIPAA compliance with its electronic billing/claims and patient contact management. Practice Navigator is network-ready and can be installed on a server to support up to 100 computers. It works within a user-friendly Windows-based, NOAH'-compatible environment, and integrates with all UNITY' audio diagnostic units.

The first and only e-business website to offer custom hearing instrument ordering, Siemens Online@SHI website offers ease and convenience for ordering custom hearing instruments and repairs using e-Form. The website's Hearing Mall section provides customers with a simple, timesaving way to order stock items including Siemens BTE hearing instruments, batteries, and ALDs. In addition, Online@SHI members have convenient 24/7 access to their Siemens account, enabling them to manage all account information, track order status, make payments, verify warranties, order marketing materials and more. Members of Online@SHI also benefit from exclusive offers and discounts, up-to-the-minute news updates, and product information from Siemens. Registration for Online@SHI is free for Siemens customers.

Siemens LasR (Laser Accurate Scan Replication) technology successfully responds to patient desire for more comfortably fitting custom hearing instruments. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, combined with precision laser scanning and manufacturing technology, LasR increases the accuracy of impression-duplication and results in better fitting hearing instruments. LasR technology captures the physical impression of the ear provided by the Hearing Care Professionals using laser scans to produce a "point-cloud" image of the impression in 3D space. This image is used to create a surface over the virtual impression where vent and receiver holes can be easily positioned, or repositioned, as needed. The LasR shell material meets stringent biocompatibility requirements and has also proven to be more durable than traditional acrylic shells. The shells are lightly bead-blasted and finished to a textured surface that is more life-like and provides a better, more secure fit in the ear.

CONNEXX' Programming System
A powerful tool offering Hearing Care Professionals precision when fitting Siemens advanced technology programmable hearing instruments, CONNEXX operates within the Microsoft Windows environment. Like Windows, CONNEXX has an intuitive graphic interface that is easy to use, and it utilizes the industry standard HI-PRO' hardware interface. CONNEXX also is a powerful consultation tool that demonstrates hearing loss to a patient, and explains how the selection of the appropriate hearing instrument can impact the end result of the fitting.

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