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Unitron Makes Yuu Convenient: Now Thats Smart

People avoid getting hearing aids for lots of reasons. Hearing aids are totally uncool, they reek of old age and I can adapt to hearing loss. My, how times have changed.

Todays hearing device designers employ state-of-the-art technology to create digital aids that are small, discreet, comfortable and smart. Look, its a quality of life thing. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life asking, Whatd ya say? or do you want natural sound in a smart machine that fits behind your ear, or even more discreetly in the ear canal itself.

You notice hearing loss. It may be gradual but one day youre going to realize that things just dont sound right. You may live with it for a while until you realize all that youre missing and how easily the problem can be solved with todays hearing technology.

Automated Convenience

Hearing aids are a pain because you always have to adjust them as you move from one sound environment to another, right? Well, thats how things used to be but todays hearing aid industry, a highly-competitive industry driven to deliver more features in a smaller package and at a lower cost, has employed digital technology to not only improve the quality of sound but also the convenience at which that sound is delivered.

For example, older units were known to produce ear-piercing whistling, known as feedback. This often meant that hearing aid users had to constantly be adjusting the volume control or all together remove their devices. Not any more.

Consumers dont want hassles, they want simplicity. They dont want to have to fuss. They want to pick up the telephone and talk just as they always have. So, through the use of digital technology, quality hearing devices have automated feedback reduction, which means that when the phone rings, you just pick up and say Hello. Thats automated convenience and a much improved listening experience.

A good example of this drive to simplify is Unitron Hearings Yuu, a completely interactive hearing device that comes in a variety of styles and provides complete user control of hearing aid functions either through direct settings by the user, through the use of a discreet remote to make fine adjustments or, you can simply wear the Unitron Yuu and itll learn your personal preferences just like an old friend.

Unitron Hearing's Yuu product line, complete with a remote control option.

The Unitron Yuu: Thats Smart

Many hearing aids require manual adjustment of volume, microphone directionality and other functions, and making these manual adjustments is cumbersome to say the least.

Contemporary hearing aids are no longer big, clunky devices with a bunch of wires. Todays quality hearing devices use wireless technology that enables users to make on-the-fly adjustments quickly using Unitron Yuus remote.

However, the longer you wear these smart devices, the better they learn what you like and dislike in sound. Smart thinking.

Choice and Convenience

People want the opportunity to create a hearing system that suits their needs, lifestyles and personal preferences, which is one reason hearing aids come in all sorts of styles. For ease of use and comfort, many people prefer the sleek design of modern behind the ear models. Others are more comfortable with units that fit directly into the ear canal. Today, youve got choices lots of them.

When you visit your hearing health care provider, discuss the features of these different styles of hearing aid devices to get comfort along with convenience.

So what do you look for in the convenience department? In a word: personalization. We all hear differently. We all have different hearing needs. We all like it loud, soft or somewhere in between. Contemporary hearing devices, like Yuu, deliver real-time control over what you hear wherever you are. Users determine the exact balance of clarity and hearing comfort controls to produce a sound thats natural one that doesnt sound stuffy, compressed and overly-processed.

We want natural sound but whats natural to me isnt natural to you and vice-versa. Thats why the cookie-cutter approach to hearing aid design doesnt provide the same level of hearing satisfaction as adaptive hearing aids that have the ability to interact with the wearer, actually learning the preferences of the wearer in an expanding array of listening environments.

As the wearer goes about life, theres no need for constant adjustment. Its just too inconvenient. And with todays digital technology available to hearing aid manufacturers like Unitron Hearing, hearing aid buyers can and should expect more comfort, more options and completely automated adjustments for convenience.

Finally, because hearing aid buyers have a number of options from which to choose with regard to hearing aid style, features and convenience, this isnt a flip a coin decision, or a choice made based on which hearing device looks the coolest.

Its a decision that should be made with the advice of an audiologist or other hearing health care professional. If youve noticed that your ears feel like theyre stuffed with cotton and people are shouting in your direction, make an appointment to have your hearing screened. Painless and fast.

Then, consult with your hearing professional on the latest in digital hearing aid technology and select a device that suits your preferences and your way of life.

Times have changed. Technology, too. Take advantage of the automated convenience of self-learning hearing devices like Unitron Hearings Yuu and enjoy all that sound youve been missing.

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