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New Oticon Corporate Strategy Strengthens Commitment to People First

SOMERSET, NJ February 15 A new, active generation of end users is coming and Oticon will be ready to meet their rising expectations with new products, services and business support initiatives. Oticon today unveiled a new corporate brand strategy that is a strong commitment to hearing care professionals around the world to provide the support they need to empower people with hearing loss to continue to take an active part in life. The new strategy is designed to enable both Oticon and hearing care professionals to meet the high expectations of today’s aging generation.

“Everything Oticon does is grounded in a long-standing commitment to putting the needs of People First,” states Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “While our core philosophy remains the same, in the future Oticon will interpret this philosophy in the context of the new changed user and the consequences this has for the hearing industry.”

Meeting the Needs of an Active, Health-Conscious Generation

Modern society is reshaping what it means to age. Today’s aging generation is well informed and more demanding than ever before. They are also the most health-conscious generation that has ever lived and they bring that health-oriented mindset to hearing care as well.

Going forward, Oticon will strengthen its focus on developing hearing solutions and support tools that empower people to play an active part in life. Oticon’s broadened approach will combine technological leadership with new services and new business support initiatives based on end-user insights. “Helping hearing impaired people to hear better is simply not enough,” explains Lauritsen. “We must expand ouv commitment to empower them to communicate freely, to interact naturally and to participate actively.”

Based on a strong commitment

Oticon’s new corporate strategy strengthens the company’s focus on end-user benefits that are valuable and relevant to both end-users and hearing care professionals. The new strategy is built on three guiding principles: People are our starting point, Innovation is our means, Empowering people is our shared goal.

People insight: People are our starting point.

Oticon is in constant dialogue with end-users, listening to the personal and professional challenges they face every day. Working one-on-one with hearing care professionals and their clients – in the laboratory, in the field and at Eriksholm, Oticon’s international research center – Oticon gathers insights that form the starting point for new discoveries that address users’ expectations, needs and social interaction in daily life.

Innovation is our means. Oticon - Empowering People Chart

“Our culture of innovation gives Oticon the energy and the ability to be the first to bring the best ideas to markets,” says Lauritsen. “This enables us to set new standards by turning seemingly impossible needs and wishes into new and beneficial solutions.”

Audiology & Technology:

Oticon believes that true innovation occurs when people work together across teams to find ways in which advanced technologies can meet end-user needs. Only when audiology and technology are powered by end-user insights can innovative hearing care solutions be created.

Counseling and Fitting & Business Support

To foster successful daily interaction between hearing care professionals and their clients and to help build successful practices, Oticon will strengthen its offering with a wide range of effective online and off-line tools. In the future, the introduction of new support initiatives will be solidly based on the insights of a more active and demanding generation of end-users.

Empowering people is our shared goal.

This is Oticon’s strongest and most valued commitment. Empowering people to play an active part in life is a goal that Oticon shares with hearing care professionals around the world. “By supporting hearing care professionals to become stronger and more successful life-quality providers, we can together achieve our goal of empowering people with hearing loss to live active, vital live,” add Lauritsen.

The new corporate strategy will shape and direct the work of the entire Oticon network which includes over 100 sister companies around the world. For more information about Oticon, visit www.Oticon.com.

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