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Interton Redifines Open-Ear acoustics and Natural Sound Quality with the Introduction of the DASH Remote Microphone CIC

Minneapolis, MN (December 1, 2009) – Interton, a leading manufacturer in affordable hearing care, extends its product portfolio with the introduction of the DASH Remote Microphone CIC and ITC. The Interton DASH sets new standards in open comfort, cosmetics, and sound quality.

Interton Dash is designed to disappear in the ear

 The DASH device resembles a small CIC or ITC and fits comfortably and discreetly in the ear canal. The microphone tube extends out from the body of the Dash, follows the contours of the concha, and terminates with the microphone hidden in the helix area of the ear.

Interton DASH combines the best features of an ITE and a BTE into a small, custom hearing aid style

Interton DASH incorporates the best features of an ITE, including cosmetic design and ease of insertion and combines them with the best BTE features, including open ear acoustics and comfortable fit. These desirable features are then packaged into an innovative hearing aid design that appeals to first time and experienced hearing aid users.

Interton DASH provides unsurpassed natural wind noise reduction and natural directivity

In addition to providing an extremely comfortable and open fit, the remote microphone design in the DASH instrument allows for elimination of virtually all wind noise, due to the fact that the microphone is shielded by the helix of the ear. Yet another benefit of the microphone placement includes maintaining the resonant characteristics of the pinna, thereby preserving the directivity and localization benefits afforded by the natural acoustics of the ear and head.

The superior wind noise reduction of DASH, combined with the open ear acoustics, improved localization and natural directivity results in unrivaled sound quality.

For more information about DASH, visit www.simplyinterton.com

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