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Oticon Vigo Connect Offers More Sensational Sound, More Wireless Freedom, More Possibilities for People with Hearing Loss

Somerset, NJ - November 18, 2009 - Oticon Vigo Connect, a new family of high performing hearing devices in the mid-price range opens an exciting world of wireless freedom to people with mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss. A rare combination of small size and amazing performance, new Vigo Pro Connect and Vigo Connect take the benefits of the popular Vigo family to the next level with intuitive and easy-to-use wireless connectivity for a closer-to-natural listening experience. In combination with the Oticon ConnectLine system, Vigo Connect's Bluetooth capabilities allow seamless, direct access to an array of modern communication and entertainment devices.

"Vigo Connect offers more value than any hearing instrument in its price category," says Oticon, Inc. President Peer Lauritsen. "Vigo Connect builds on the strengths of the Vigo family ncluding great sound quality, high-end performance, and a wide range of small, discreet styles that are almost invisible in the ear. In addition, Vigo Connect provides direct, wireless access to the communication and entertainment devices that are essential 'links' to modern everyday life."

With a fitting range of up to 110dB, Vigo Connect is based on Oticon's ultra-fast RISE platform that delivers more bandwidth (8 kHz) and significantly higher levels of processing power. Vigo Connect's features include advanced noise management and directionality for a richer, more natural sound picture and best-in-class intelligibility.

Wireless connectivity adds an extra dimension to the performance of the Vigo family. In combination with Oticon's state-of-the-art ConnectLine system, Vigo Pro Connect and Vigo Connect directly access a complete array of everyday communication and entertainment devices including landline and mobile phones, televisions, stereos, PCs and MP3 players. Users simply touch a button on the small, sleek Streamer accessory to seamlessly transition from one communication device to another. Users enjoy high quality audio streaming binaurally through their hearing devices - listening at their own preferred volume.

The Vigo Connect family is designed to provide hearing care professionals and users with more choices. With a fitting range of up to 110dB HL, choices include the exceptional comfort, discreteness and sound quality of the slim and elegant RITE style and a full selection of custom instruments including ITE, ITC, MIC and CIC. The RITE Power and BTE Power style address the needs of Power users for superior performance, wireless connectivity and discreet modern design.

"With its unmatched sound quality, wireless connectivity, full spectrum of style options and value-pricing, the Vigo Connect family has the potential to provide more people with the benefits of modern hearing care," states Lauritsen.

The new Vigo Connect family is available as of Nov. 9, 2009.

For more information about Oticon, visit www.oticonusa.com.

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