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ReSound Unveils Next Generation of Best-selling Aids: dot2 by ReSound?

Minneapolis, MN (November 3, 2009) – ReSound is pleased to announce the introduction of dot2 by ReSound – an exclusive hearing device with the ultimate combination of form and function, pairing natural sound quality with near-invisible design.

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The surround sound experience

Surround sound processing is designed to handle different sound inputs with the same goal as audio mixing in movie and music production. These hearing instruments capture bass and treble independently, and then blend them to create the richest most vibrant sound possible. Patients notice a significant difference in the fidelity of the sound generated by hearing instruments featuring surround sound processing.

dot 2

Improved understanding of speech

Advanced directional technology including the new feature AutoScope™ automatically narrows on conversations in noisier situations. Understanding of speech is clearer and enhanced regardless of background noise. This alleviates a primary frustration of those with hearing loss: difficulty hearing conversation in busy places, like a loud restaurant.

Prevent whistling

Less sophisticated hearing aids generate feedback (or “whistle”) when their processors are overloaded. Other people can hear the whistling; a potentially embarrassing situation. dot2 by ReSound features an advanced feedback suppression system with Whistle Control™. This smart device monitors sound levels and deploys Whistle Control, only if necessary, to try prevent feedback.

Out of sight design

dot2 by ReSound is a tiny hearing device. Its sleek design hides behind the ear so nobody else sees it. Weighing almost the same as a paper clip, it’s so lightweight the wearer won’t feel it. But with a seriously powerful punch, dot2 by ReSound provides dramatic improvement to hearing loss.

gnr dot v2


An active lifestyle demands a hearing device that can keep pace. dot2 by ReSound provides the best sound technology available from ReSound, to improve hearing in every situation. Choose a combination of technology level, color and even an option to custom-mold to the ear’s shape, for a device that matches the wearer perfectly.

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