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Unitron Unveils Advanced through Essential Latitude™ Series

Widest selection of advanced hearing instruments with premium technologies ensures best solution for every client

October 20, 2009 - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - Unitron today announced the introduction of LatitudeTM, the Company's new advanced through standard hearing instrument series that offers an unrivalled set of purpose-driven features across three distinct product lines. LatitudeTM 16, LatitudeTM 8 and LatitudeTM 4 continue Unitron's commitment to drive premium level technologies into the advanced through essential categories and make outstanding design and performance available to everyone.

Unparalleled Performance for Everyone

Latitude offers an increasingly sophisticated set of features and technologies in each product line:

  • Latitude 16 boasts breakthrough technologies, including a fully automatic program enhanced with smartFocusTM, Binaural Phone and wireless connectivity
  • Latitude 8 offers a function-rich product with an automatic program and full wireless connectivity
  • Latitude 4 is a robust product that is accessible, affordable and the first in its category to feature wireless connectivity

The Most Intelligent Automatic Performance

With Latitude 16, superior automatic performance is enhanced with smartFocus to deliver incomparable listening in every situation. The automatic program is pre-optimized for multiple listening destinations, while offering the flexibility to further customize adaptive features within each destination. Wearers who wish to further personalize their listening experience can do so instantly with their smartFocus control, adjusting for greater clarity or comfort. SmartFocus then makes real-time changes to four parameters: microphone strategy, speech enhancement, noise reduction and overall gain.

Latitude 8's automatic program (autoPro2TM) is pre-optimized to provide the best sound quality in the two most common listening situations: quiet and speech plus noise, while Latitude 4 offers manual programs.

Wireless Connectivity in Every Product

All three Latitude product lines offer straightforward access to wireless features and technology through the UnifiTM Wireless System - the first time wireless capabilities are accessible to every wearer. DuoLink delivers clear, balanced listening, binaurally synchronizing program and/or volume adjustments. uDirectTM improves communication via a neck-worn device that receives signals from Bluetooth® enabled devices, wired audio inputs and FM transmitted signals.

In addition, Latitude 16 features Binaural Phone, a remarkable feature that wirelessly streams the audio signal from both landline and cellphone calls to both ears, without requiring a separate accessory. Binaural Phone delivers improved clarity and better speech understanding and minimizes distractions.

Purpose-Driven Innovations Throughout

Exemplifying Unitron's commitment to provide outstanding performance to all, every Latitude product line features purpose-driven innovations, including many often found only in premium products. These include: multiple microphone options; superior feedback management; level dependent speech enhancement; antiShockTM technology; and the optional Smart Control remote.

More Specialty Styles, New Frontiers

Expanding on the success of Unitron's MoxiTM and ModaTM styles, Latitude is available in the world's smallest uncompromised BTE: the new Moxi 13 and Moda 13 BTEs with longer battery life, two controls and fully wireless capabilities across all three product lines. All three are also available in the sleek and stylish Shift 10A CRT.

In addition, Latitude 16 and Latitude 8 are available in the new FuseTM crossover, which puts all the performance features of an instant, open fitting, ultra-small BTE completely inside the ear.

Raising the Bar

"With Latitude, Unitron confirms our well-earned reputation for packing more purpose-driven features into the advanced through essential categories than any other competitor, and making these innovations accessible to everyone," said Bruce Brown, Unitron's Vice President of Global Marketing. "Raising the bar for product technology, design and value is not only a core product development strategy for Unitron, it is a core commitment to our hearing healthcare professional customers and to their clients."

Latitude will be available in late October 2009. Please contact your local representative for availability in your market.

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