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Lyric Hearing Aids: Small but Mighty


There are disposable contact lenses for vision problems, so what about a similar solution for our hearing loss issues?

Welcome to a new age in hearing solutions with the introduction of Lyric hearing aids from InSound, located in Newark, California. InSound has developed a cylindrical shaped hearing aid that fits deep into the ear canal and can be left in place for months - until the battery wears out.

Lyric Versus Traditional Hearing Aids

InSound's Lyric isn't for everyone. According to Robert Schindler, co-founder of InSound, "Unlike traditional hearing aids, which are typically placed behind the ear [BTE hearing aids] or in the outer portion of the ear canal, the Lyric is placed deep in the canal, about four millimeters from the eardrum. It is too deep in the ear to see, and the placement so close to the ear drum allows for a clearer, more natural sound."

The Lyric is inserted into the ear canal by a certified, trained hearing professional using a lubricant and forceps. So, once in place, the device will stay there for up to 70 days without removal.

It's low, low maintenance, invisibility and convenience have hearing aid consumers re-thinking this new product; however, the Lyric is only useful to approximately 50% of those who experience hearing loss. In some cases, the ear canal simply isn't straight enough to insert the Lyric to its proper position. In other cases, the hearing loss is simply too severe. The Lyric is designed to assist individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Even though the Lyric is placed deep within the ear canal for complete invisibility and improved sound quality, there are still user controls that can be employed to remove the device and make adjustments to different listening environments.

Each patient receives a small hook just long enough to remove the Lyric in an emergency situation. An easy-to-use keychain device is used to raise or lower volume or turn off the device entirely to block out that snoring spouse.

However, the device otherwise stays in place until removed by the hearing professional and replaced with another Lyric.

There are some considerations that should be weighed before purchasing the Lyric. First, these disposable units are pricy, running between $3,000 and $4,000 annually depending on how many replacements you require (they are purchased by an annual subscription).

Another drawback? If you're prone to producing a lot of earwax, you may have a problem with a clogged microphone or even clogged circuitry.

Units must be replaced by a hearing professional that has been trained by InSoun, which means regular trips to your hearing professional. That could be a hassle for some, but well worth the trade-off of invisibility and convenience day to day.

The Lyric is FDA approved and wearer approved by more and more people who wouldn't consider a traditional hearing aid.

To learn more about Lyric hearing aids and if they are right for you, visit: Lyric Hearing Aids: Like No Other.

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