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Sonic Innovations Touch™ RICs: Powerful and Discrete

Hearing aids come in a range of shapes and sizes. From the custom hearing aids such as completely-in-the-canal hearing aids (CIC) which sit deep within the ear canal for a nearly invisible fit to behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids which have made a come back in popularity the last few years thanks to small, sleek, innovative designs.

The latest open-fit BTE hearing aids now are so small and compact they fit discretely behind the ear with an almost invisible sound tube delivering amped up sound into the ear canal.

Open-fit BTEs allow for the ear canal to remain open, enabling your natural hearing to do what it can before getting a boost from your hearing aid. Wearers enjoy the open ear feeling compared to CIC units, despite the fact that BTEs present a larger profile.

The third and newest broad category of hearing aids - kind of a hybrid - is the Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids. RICs look very similar to open-fit hearing aids with the exception the receiver (speaker) actually is incorporate into the ear tip, instead of on the main body of the BTE case that sits behind the ear. The advantage of this innovative design is more gain is allowed without the risk of whistling, thus RICs are able to fit more significant hearing losses than traditional open-fit BTE hearing aids.

RICs deliver more power with both a low profile and the convenience today's consumer wants and needs in this hectic, 14-hour-a-day world.

Sonic Innovations TouchTM

TouchTM is just one of many innovative hearing loss solutions offered by Sonic Innovations. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sonic is passionate about hearing health and the company's straight-ahead approach to fitting hearing needs with the right technology is well-known throughout the hearing health industry.

In addition to being one of the smallest RIC hearing aids on the market, Touch is tough with a water resistant, debris-repelling membrane to protect the inner workings of each Touch device.

Touch's fitting software is called EXPRESSfit for a reason and your hearing aid practitioner can program up to four different programs into one little Touch so you can hear the way you want to hear whether in a large, open listening environment or a noisy party - you'll hear the way you want to hear. And with just a touch of discretion.

Maintenance on the Touch is a breeze. Battery swaps are a cinch and the microphone's ear wax guards just snap into place so no hassles. You can even handle routine maintenance on the run with Sonic Innovations TouchTM.

Discover the Organic Sound and Ease of Convenience Found in TouchTM.

Discovering Touch begins with seeing your hearing professional for a full hearing evaluation. If you are a hearing aid candidate, discuss with your hearing care professional if Touch is right for your hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle.

Let the world touch you again - life has never sounded so sweet.

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